Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace 2

Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace Tour. Hello Guys.

My Name is Made, I am your Bali driver for today, we will take you to Taman Ujung Water Palace. From Kuta time estimation :
Driving time about 2 hours  with no stop on the way.
Entrance ticket : IDR 60,000/person

Parking fee : IDR 5,000/Car, IDR 2,000/motorbike

Where is Taman Ujung?

Taman Ujung Soekasada known as the Water Palace, located in Banjar Dinas Ujung, Tumbu Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency, Bali Province. Taman Ujung or Sukasada Park during the Dutch East Indies place known as Waterpaleis or “water palace”.

Ujung Karangasem Park was built by the king of Karangasem I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, whose title is Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Initially it was almost 400 hectares, but now only around 10 hectares. Most of the land has been distributed to the community during the period of land reform.

This park is a private property of Puri Karangasem family. But general visitors are allowed to visit it.

Built in 1909 on the initiative of Anak Agung Anglurah. The architect was a Dutchman named van Den Hentz and a Chinese named Loto Ang. This development also involved an undagi (Balinese traditional architect). Taman Ujung is actually the development of the Dirah pond which was built in 1901. The construction of Taman Ujung was completed in 1921. In 1937.

Why Its Call  Water Palace because water in Hindu Believe plays a role in this life, like 80% of the human body consists of water. In essence that our life can not survive and goes well without water, especially according to the Hindu teachings that water is very important part of our life and also very important for ritual ceremony.

Karangasem Regency has potentials tourism source to be develop that have not been optimized to be marketed in the world of tourism such as mountains with Biggest Temple, rice fields, rivers, seas, white sands, and beautiful amazing nature along with unique and historic architecture which is local wisdom that should be preserved and preserved for our next generation. Now days Ujung Water Palace become the Land Mark for Karangasem tourism which expected by the government can support for local government revenue and also with the tourism business can effected the local  activities for better life.

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What else we can see if we take tour to Taman Ujung Soekasada?


Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace 3
Kusamba Salt Making

Kusamba Village

On the way from kuta, we may stop at Kusamba village to see the salt making process in traditional way, the village located at Klungkung regency and very close to Kusamba beach, One of the most interesting  thing that can see in this village is the salt making, salts from Kusamba Village is produced traditionally by the local farmer with traditional tools.

The sands that has been saturated by sea water is taken into the salt making hut, then more sea water is strained to it to wash out the salt. The salt water is then poured into a shallow trough made out of palm trees. After that, the trough is lined up along the sea shore during the salt making season. As the sun evaporates the water, the dried salt is taken and put into the a basket and ready to sell and distributed to local market.

The salts that are produced here has a very good quality which contains high iodine that are good for health.There are about 40 groups of local  people who are still keep producing salts with traditional way, but they may be the last generation of salt farmers in Bali because now less people love this job.

The salt is sold in souvenir shops all around Bali, it costs Rp 30,000 per jar (300gr). if you want and interested with this natural salt, it will be a good souvenir to bring home for gifts. The farmers here are friendly, they would invite visitors to see how they process of the salt making. It will be memorable experience for you if can involved during the natural sea salt production process.
Entrance ticket : Donation to Farmers

Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace 4
Goa Lawah Temple

Bat Cave Temple (Pura Goa Lawah)

Bat Cave Temple is located further east of Kusamba, here we can visit the Famous Temple and unique one  as the Temple has a Cave and full of Bat hanging around, mostly everyday Hindu Pilgrimer come here for worshipping, not only Hindu from Bali, we also have Hindu from Java, Sumatra and other island come here for praying.
Entrance ticket Goa Lawah Temple : IDR 20,000/person
parking fee : IDR 5,000/car and IDR 2,000/motorbike

Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace 5

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Ancient village is enroute to our visit to Taman Ujung. Its located close to Candidasa beach resort, the village is unique with their own culture, famous craft from here is double tenun Ikat, Ata bag also made by the villager for selling as souvenir, once we enter the village, there are some palm leaf writer  for Calendar Bali, some palm painting with Ramayana or Mahabharata can found here, price is reasonable and good price can obtain if you are a good bargainer.

The village quite big, we walk along the house around and see the hall meeting, bale kulkul and sometime we can see the cow wandering around the village. some roaster can found at the front of the house which keep by the local for cock fight.
Entrance ticket Tenganan : DONATION

Day Trip with Bali Driver to Beautiful Taman Ujung Water Palace 6


Candidasa is just the next tourist destination after Tenganan, in past 1970-1980 this resort is very famous, we have white sandy beach and some mix with black color, here we have  lotus and water lilies pond, its nice stop here for some photoshoot. they are many restaurant, some cafe and some night pub. some big hotel also can found around and near here, like Amankila hotel, Alila hotel, Puri Bagus, Rama Candidasa, The Candi beach, Maharta Beach, Lotus Bungalow and many more private villa can rent here. Mostly the tour operator doing the round trip around the island and stay overnight here for 2 night, they may do snorkeling and diving from Candida, PADI dive can find easily here, other activities they can do is relaxing, sun bathing or doing the trekking around Tenganan.
Entrance ticket Candidasa : FREE

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