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Have you made a bucket list this year? Where are you going to travel? Will you be traveling alone or with your travel mates? Is Bali one of your tourist destinations this year?

If so, let’s find out something in this article about a fun trip to Bali using the services of Bali private driver. We make sure your pocket will be safe as the price is very affordable. Especially if you go with your travel mates.

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Travel Mates

Before we discuss Bali private driver, it is good to discuss the travel mates who are travel companions for you while visiting Bali and other tourist destinations. Actually, how important is the travel mates on your tour? To answer this, all you need is only ask yourself.

What do want now? Is it going to be a solo tour or with a group?

It is wise not to invite people when you need to be alone on your solo tour. But, when you feel you need someone or a group to talk to during the trip, do not hesitate to call them, your travel mates!

They might be your own family, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your partners, or even your relatives on social media. Some travelers admit that it is comfortable to have a trip with travel buddies they met on social media or blogger community.

Sometimes traveling with people we don’t know well every day, the strangers, or who have the same hobby but you don’t know each other personally is fun, too. Especially if they have a profession that is much different from you and have an attractive personality.

Your trip won’t be boring. It will be the ‘rich’ and extraordinary trip. You will have an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

Then, how to find the right travel mates for your trip to Bali?

  1. Use the chat group to find them. Tell everybody in your chat group about your travel plans in a nutshell way. When someone greets you and gets interested, invite her or him to chat in a private chat. When you feel you have ‘click’ on them about the destination, travel plan, share costs, and all of the accommodations, you only have to make it happen together.
  2. Sometimes you don’t want to travel with family members or your spouse. It is good to try to find travel companions through social media. You can search within the circle of friends on Facebook groups or even your blogger fellows who often participate in the events together.
  3. Never forget your work partners who suffering together when doing a project deadline in the office. Maybe some of them need a travel companion to release stress after the hard work. Who knows when you’re coming home from a vacation together, you and your work partner indeed have fresh ideas for the next projects. Another story maybe comes up between the two of you that are getting closer or even your relationship has become serious until you decide to live together as husband and wife. Who knows?

How To Hire Bali Private Driver?

Maybe this time, when you are still at home, you don’t get any reason why you have to hire a private driver during your trip to Bali. But, when you have stepped on your feet on the Land of Gods, you will feel the advantages of having a private driver for a few day’s tours.

  1. Once you arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, you immediately get adequate service from our Bali private driver. He will pick you up. You don’t need to look for or wait for a taxi. All that’s left is to contact the driver, then he will come to you.
  2. Your private driver will take you soon to the hotel without having to worry about spending extra money like when you use public transportation.
  3. The next day, you can directly travel to several locations. Your private driver will make a morning call to remind you. Of course, the time will flexible according to each initial agreement to the provider.
  4. Your private driver will not only take you to the amazing places in Bali. He will gradually guide you by conveying information about tourism objects, particular and peculiar culinary, the culture, to a convenient souvenir shopping place. The drivers in Bali Cab Drivers are known for their hospitality and professionalism. Just click on the website www.balicabdriver.com to find out more information about the Bali driver for hire. You can also order a private driver here.

It needs a low cost to have a private driver. You can collect money from your travel mates and also from your pocket. Then, you rent a car complete with a professional private driver. Your trip is guaranteed to be smooth, enjoyable, and fun.

In the rain and dry, you do not need to get on and off the public transportations to get to one location to another. Your luggage or bags are also safe in the trunk of the car. Maybe you get excess baggage as you shop too many items or souvenirs.

Don’t worry because the car will carry your bags right away without any extra charge.

Gate Of Heaven 

Holidays Well-Spent With Bali Private Driver 3
Lempuyang Gate of Heaven

Gate of Heaven in Bali is a journey to various sacred temples. Many visitors came here and captured instagrammable photos. The best time to witness the Gate of Heaven here is around 9 or 10 a.m. It starts at Lempuyang Temple.

This temple is a Hindus sacred temple on the hill to the west of Lempuyang Mountain. The scenery here is amazing. The air is very fresh because it is located in the rainforest area. You can see the Mount Agung on the east of Lempuyang Temple.

Then, we will continue the journey towards Penataran Agung Temple. The natural ornaments will be the beautiful companion during this uphill highway trip. It is very impressive to see the terraced rice fields on the north side along the highway.

While the dense forest is on the south side. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes by car to the base of the Penataran Agung Temple.

You will soon see the parallel dragon statues to the steps of the temple once you get there. Just step on the stairs to the temple door. The temple doors facing west immediately give you the best view of Mount Agung.

It looks like the gate of heaven when there are no clouds above there. As if you see a panoramic mountain from your computer desktop. The mountain just like a painting that you can touch up close.

Virgin Beach

As the name implies, this beach is quite hidden with clear blue seawater. Even the seawater looks very transparent when the weather is sunny. You can see marine life underwater by just standing at the edge of the beach.

The access to this beach can be reached by using a private car. There is no public transportation could reach access.

You can start from Candidasa Bali to the north for about 20 minutes.

When you touch down Virgin Beach, it is good to eat first. There are small cafes around there which sell delicious food at an affordable price. It is common for a cafe to provide deck chairs and umbrellas for visitors in front of the café.

The visitors often enjoy Balinese massages from local masseuses in this area for a small fee. You can ask the café staff about using this chair for a massage.

The interesting activities you can do on Virgin Beach are snorkeling and swimming. You don’t need to bring your snorkeling equipment as you can rent all here. After snorkeling, you can sit on the beach while enjoying the fresh wind, tanning your skin, and see the magnificent scenery that spoils the eyes.

Tirta Gangga Royal Pool Water Park 

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Tirta Gangga Royal Pool

Karangasem hill in West Bali keeps a scenic spot that will refresh your mind. Royal Tirta Gangga water park was built in 1946. The air around it is very cool because it is located on the southeast slope of Mount Agung.

Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali.

This water park looks luxurious because it is managed by the Karangasem Royal Family. This water park was renovated in 1963 after a warm ash rain caused by the eruption of Mount Agung.

The Trusted Bali Cab Driver

You might want to know the reason why you should choose Bali Cab Driver as a private driver service provider. One for sure, we want to be your most reliable travel companion. That’s why we put forward several things that can make you comfortable traveling with our private driver and vehicles.

  • We have skillful Bali private driver who can speak English well and understand well the routes of all streets in Bali. You will definitely be comfortable driving with our driver as he knows a lot about Bali, including where to enjoy the delicious culinary of Bali.
  • Our vehicles are in top condition, fully air-conditioned, and no defects at all inside and outside. You will never feel hot along the way since our air conditioners always turn on according to the temperature needed by the customers.
  • Our car rental fees are very affordable and reasonable. You will not be charged per person but per car. For that, you can ask as many people according to the capacity of the car without any additional cost.

Speak To Other Foreign Tourists

The tourism objects in Bali are always full of foreign tourists. Sometimes we want to greet them, get acquainted and talk about many things in the places we visit. Your Bali private driver can also help you to chit chat with the foreign guys. Because the drivers from Bali Cab Drivers are professional, friendly, flexible in hanging out with people who speak English.

Especially for those of you who are planning for Bali tropical vacation, please contact us via WhatsApp +62 878 6196 8073 if you want to take a Bali adventure package or Bali private driver  to get around to see the popular spots of Bali island.

Have fun!

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