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Still confused about looking for a Private driver Bali? End it Now

Are you having trouble finding public transportation modes or Private driver Bali in Bali? You don’t need to be confused anymore. Many transportation options in Bali, there are public and online one to take you to many tourist attractions.

The problem is whether the transportation is right for your condition or not.

Public transportation in Bali

Here it is, several types of public transportation that you can use in Bali, as a solution for traveling and visiting tourist attractions.

1. Trans Sarbagita Bus

In Indonesia, indeed, in some regions, there are trans buses, which are public transportation provided by the government. In Bali also have you know. His name is Trans Sarbagita.

The bus, which has been operating since 18 August 2011, is said to have 17 stops that will make it easier for us to visit various places in Bali.

There are currently four routes in operation. Namely corridor 1 on the Denpasar – GWK route, corridor 2 serving the Batubulan-Kuta route and Central Parking-Nusa Dua.

Whereas Corridor 3 serves the Tabanan-Mengwi-Airport route and Corridor 4 serves the Sanur-Mahendradatta-Sanur Beach route.

For those of you who want to use the bus as public transportation, then don't worry, because the payment is very affordable. You can start using the bus starting at 5:30 to 9:00 every day, with a ticket price of Rp3500 for public passengers and Rp2500 for students. To facilitate access, the manager also provides a special application. Namely APLAUS (Sarbagita Public Transport Service Application). Through this application, we can find out bus schedules and routes, bus stop info, and monitor buses to make the trip more comfortable and easy. Private bali Driver Blog give this information as your transport needs
Trans Sarbagita Publich Transport

For those of you who want to use the bus as public transportation, then don’t worry, because the payment is very affordable. You can start using the bus starting at 5:30 to 9:00 every day, with a ticket price of Rp3500 for public passengers and Rp2500 for students.

To facilitate access, the manager also provides a special application. Namely APLAUS (Sarbagita Public Transport Service Application). Through this application, we can find out bus schedules and routes, bus stop info, and monitor buses to make the trip more comfortable and easy.

2. Komotra

If previously the trans bus had a wider route, this time it was public transportation, which was usually found in only a few locations in Bali. Komotra is a typical Balinese transport operating around Kuta Beach.

Komotra serves the route from the central area of Kuta beach parking to Kuta beach which is approximately 3 km away. Usually, this transportation is used by groups who come by bus and can take you to central Kuta parking.

Private Driver Bali 3
Komotra Shuttle Service from Kuta Central Park

From there, visitors can continue the journey with this comotra to get to Kuta or Seminyak Beach quickly. This transportation is in the form of a windowless minibus with easily recognizable and very striking paint.

For those of you who want to use this transportation, you only need a fee of around IDR 10,000. The comment can shorten our journey from central parking to Kuta Beach.

3. Tortoise / Kura- Kura Bus

The turtle / Kura-kura bus is a shuttle bus that has now served eight routes, covering tourist areas in Bali, such as Kuta, Legian area, continuing to Seminyak, reaching Sanur, and then to Ubud.

The bus, which is centered on DFS Bus Bay on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Siur, Kuta has a unique model of light green like a turtle, equipped with WiFi and air conditioning.

Private Driver Bali 4
Kura-Kura Shuttle Bus

You can immediately find out more about this transportation by checking the official website. Judging from the site turtle bus.com, this bus has two types of tickets. Namely single or trip ticket and day pass or canal ticket. The fixed-rate for a single trip is IDR 20000.

Whereas a day pass is usually a card for unlimited travel available, starting from a day trip at IDR 100000, three days at IDR 150000 and seven days at IDR 250000.

With operating hours starting at 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. With, bus tickets are available in the form of coins and cards that can be purchased at hotels and malls that have collaborated as bus stops.

4. Rent a car/motorcycle

Difficult to find public transportation in Bali resulted in many tourists prefer renting a car or motorcycle during a vacation there. The average car and motorcycle rental in Bali are for 8 and 10 hours. However, some car and motorcycle rental places in Bali provide 24-hour rental options.

Private Driver Bali 5
Car rental Self Drive of Motor Bike Rental

The range of car rental prices for one day in Bali is IDR 150,000 to IDR 250,000 (without drivers) and IDR 350,000 to IDR 500,000 (with drivers). While motorbike rental for 24 hours is IDR 50,000 to IDR 70,000.

5. Using an online transportation

Just like other big cities, application-based transportation such as GoJek, Grab and Uber are also alternatives for your trip. Currently, with online transportation in Bali, you will actually get a lot of conveniences.

Private Driver Bali 6
Online Transport; GOJEK or GRAB CAR

In addition because it is easy to access, it can also adjust prices with distance. But this transportation will be more complicated if you want transportation that can be booked for during vacation time.

If you want to walk around Bali in days, with the same driver, then online transportation will be difficult to fulfill. You better use Private driver Bali.

Tips on choosing Private driver Bali in Bali

Bali has many tourist destinations. Therefore, first determine the tourist destinations in Bali, such as the location and path to the destination. Check recommendations from relatives or friends, as well as traveling forums, who have used car and motorcycle services in Bali.

This is important so that you know the reputation of the rental place so that they do not regret it later. Check the car rental package, starting from the physical condition of the car to whether the rental rate has been include fuel.

Choose the package that suits your needs during your vacation in Bali. Completeness of documents, you should choose a rental that provides complete documents such as vehicle registration and driver’s license (if you rent a car with a driver too).

Private Driver Bali 7
Bali Cab Driver Team

One of the car rental service providers in Bali is https://balicabdriver.com/. For those of you who want to visit Bali, but still have doubts and confusion regarding the transportation to be used, the facilities offered by https://balicabdriver.com/ should be checked at this time. Here are a few reviews of tour packages offered.

The best Bali land tour packages.

This package is a tour package in Bali, which is summarized in a few days. You can adjust your needs, so long as you partner with a driver. Bali has a lot of tourist spots that are interesting to visit. That’s why the balicabdriver shares this package at different times.

Have a flexible and complete time

This package consists of several types, starting from 3 days, 4 Days up to 7 Days Bali Land Tour Package and Great 8 Days Bali Land Tour Package. So for those of you who do have time for a vacation in Bali, you can adjust your needs and find a suitable package, according to how much time you will spend.

Have a complete destination

For those of you who only have time for 3 days to explore Bali, then this package will be very suitable for you. You will start to get transportation facilities since your arrival in Bali, you will be picked up and started to be delivered to places that are already on the list.

To help you, it has also made a special itinerary, which has been adjusted to the time you have. During these 3 days, you will be invited to tour several famous places in Bali, such as Private driver Bali Uluwatu Temple, then continue with a nice dinner at Jimbaran beach, continue your trip to the Batubulan area to watch Barong art performances.

Not only that, you will continue to walk in Bali to the Private driver Bali Tohpati area, to enjoy a variety of traditional wealth of Bali, such as batik cloth. After it is finished, you will be invited to see a traditional house belonging to the Balinese people in the rock area.

Your journey will then continue to nature tourism, Tegenungan waterfall, and coupled with extensive views of rice fields in Kintamani. Even though it’s only for three days, the balicab driver will ensure that you will be satisfied to try out recreation and tourism in Bali.

After this, you will immediately be taken around the tourist of Tirta Empul Temple looking siring and continued with Tegalalang Rice Terraces Village. After finishing playing in the temple and rice fields, then you will be invited to go along the Ubud area, to see the traditional markets there. For this trip, you only need to prepare funds of USD 155 for adults, and UUSD 77.5 for children.

For those of you who have more time, which is 4 days vacationing in Bali, your trip will be even more enjoyable by visiting the Tanah Lot tourist area, which is already famous for its tourist spots For example, such as Taman Ayun.

Then Wanagiri Hill, Ulun Dhanu, then Yellow Temple, continued to Jatiluwih and Tanah Lot Temple. For travel for 4 days in Bali, you only need to prepare a fund of USD 145 only.

Furthermore, for those of you who have time for 5 days on vacation, you can use the Tremendous 5 Days Bali Land Tour Package. Your experience of 5 days will be added to a variety of very pleasant water features.

For example, just like playing on the beach at Private driver Bali Tanjung Benoa , which has no doubt its natural beauty. Then proceed to Pandawa beach and get a special dinner, in a special place.

Your dinner will be prepared in full, with a variety of delicious dishes in the Jimbaran Bay area. You will even get the chance to do a BBQ party here and eat a variety of Balinese seafood. And for all this fun, you need to prepare a fund of USD 185.

We move on to the Fabulous 6 Days Bali Land Tour Package. For 6 days in Bali, you will be presented with a variety of unique locations in Bali, from natural attractions, history, exploring the culinary, to the sacred spots of Hindu religion.

For 6 days you will enjoy all the tourist locations mentioned in the previous packages, plus several places that are difficult to refuse. You will enjoy the atmosphere of Bali At Gate Of Heaven & East Bali.

Here you will be allowed to visit a variety of historical tourist sites in Bali, for example like Private driver Bali Kertha Gosa, which was built since 1908, became one of the historical monuments that are so guarded by the people of Bali.

Then proceed to go to a cave in Bali which is very famous for its bat, namely Goa Lawah Temple. This cave will stimulate your adrenaline and provide a tourism atmosphere that is so different.

Private Driver Bali 8Your trip will continue to the Candidasa tourist area and visit Tirta Gangga, as a special place, with the history of the Karangasem kingdom. Your journey will then be closed by enjoying a day at Bangkuang Temple, which is famous for its stunning photo spots.

For a vacation and accompanied for 6 days, you just need to prepare a fee of USD 230.

Intrigued by the surprise using the Remarkable 7 Days Bali Land Tour Package? Yep, after satisfied walking around and enjoying all the tourist spots mentioned earlier.

You will also be delivered to other famous holiday locations in Bali, namely in the city of Denpasar and Badung Market! Here you will get a different traveling experience than before, for example, when you go through the Badung market which has been known as the traditional Balinese market since 1977 this market is the largest.

Followed by recreation to puputan Badung square and continue to the Private driver Bali Museum and Bajra Sandhi monument. On this day you are indeed allowed to get to know Bali from a historical point of view even deeper, so you will see many monuments and historical relics at this location.

And the last is the Great 8 Days Bali Land Tour Package. Welcome to Nusa Penida! Yep, you will get a bonus to Private driver Bali Nusa Penida area, which has been so heard with its natural beauty.

Private Driver Bali 9
Bali Cab Customer

What activities will you get here? You will visit Sanur beach, and continue by crossing to Nusa Penida. Afterward, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Angel Billabong and Kelingking Beach.

Only then will you enjoy lunch and then continue to Crystal Bay. For pits and guided for 8 days, you only need to prepare a fund of USD 380.

Now that’s some explanation about transportation and Private driver Bali in Bali with some vacation package recommendations that you can try. For more details, you can immediately check the site https://balicabdriver.com/! Happy Holiday!

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