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BCD-404: Purification Tour Bali

Morning depart from your hotel accompanied by our experience Bali Private driver for joining one of our popular purification tour Bali packages, feel its power and get new spirit after the Bathing Purification tour rituals at Tampak Siring Holly Spring Temple.

Tampak Siring Holly Spring temple. For over 1000 years, Balinese Hindu worshipers have been attracted to Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple), whose sacred fountains, the God Indra is claimed to be created and have curative characteristics.

This tradition is still almost unchanged, and today visitors from all over the globe, besides worshipers, come to this location to marvel at its beauty and to swim in the refreshing and holiday water.

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The Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple lies in the village of Manukaya, in the cultural center of Bali, in the town of Tampaksiring, not far from Ubud. The temple is located just below the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace. Constructed in 1957 by the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, the palace itself is a beautifully constructed monument of the island and of the nation. The Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple together with the Presidential Palace offer some of the most intriguing opinions you will ever see.

As a Petirtaan or bathing centre, Tirta Empul is a quite large temple resort and exploring the whole site takes at least 30 minutes to an hour. As our visit will be with bathing, it will spend much more time here. Just as you must put a sarong in other temples and sacred spots around the island before you enter the premises. The Sarongs can be rented at the entrance of the temple for a small donation.

Once you enter the Temple, go through the big Balinese stone door (locally called Candi Bentar) and enter the temple’s exterior courtyard. The temple region is called’ Jaba Pura.’ Another Candi Bentar constructed into the wall leading to the main courtyard at the end of the courtyard. This door is protected.

Enter the courtyard and arrive at the Jaba Tengah area, which is the temple’s main area. The sacred wells bubble in a large, crystal clear pool inside the temple and flow into the two holy pools through 30 waterspouts. Local Balinese and Hindu worshippers are standing in the swimming pools in the wait for their heads to dip under the water, in a purification ritual called the “melukat.” Bathers begin in the pool on the left side in the pool under the first water jet. Once under the first root they have cleansed themselves, they join the next queue. This process is continued until they clean under each water supply. However, two spouts are only designed to cleanse the dead

The final part of the Holy Water Temple, called the Jeroan, is behind the purification pools. The jeroan or indoor courtyard is mainly ignored by visitors, and is a pleasant place to visit and relax after the hectic cleaning pools. It is here that individuals come to pray. The front of the courtyard is dominated by the big stream of water which feeds cleaning pools. The spring is full of green algae and tiny fish swim between the reeds. There are big Hindu shrines behind the springs. This portion of the temple is pleasant to explore rapidly. The temples are brightly adorned, contrasting with the starched white garments of the Balinese people who come here to pray.

When you leave Tirta Empul, you pass a wide pool filled with the koi fish. This part of the temple has a walled atmosphere on all four sides of the complex. In the pond, fat koi swim lazily waiting for their next meal.

Tirta Empul is the Hindu God of water, Vishnu. An inscription dates back to 926 AD when a temple was founded on site. In the Balinese language, the loose translation of Tirta Empul means that water is gushing from the earth, which is why Tirta Empul is regarded as a sacred fountain. The Temple of Tirta Empul involves shrines for Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and for Indra and Mount Batur. It is regarded one of Bali’s five or six most holy temples, and one of the most holy sources of water in Bali.

The Balinese believe that it is a legend of an epic fight between the mighty and magical king called Mayadenawa and Indra God that is part of the creation of Tirta Empul. Mayadenawa had the spiritual power to turn into any form he wanted. But with his powers he was careless and used them for the black magic. A priest named Sang Kulputih asked Indra God to stop the evil king. Indra and his troops defeated Mayadenawa’s forces and left the wicked king and his troops to run for their lives.

Mayadenawa was snucking in Indra’s camp later when the military slept. He created a beautiful but toxic pool that the army would drink from. When Mayadenawa slipped into the camp, he went on his foot to avoid leaving his footprints. This is believed to be the origin of the name ‘ Tampak siring,’ meaning’ squatted footprint.’ With his great might, God Indra penetrated the land with his staff and formed sacred healing water wells called Tirta Empul.

Mayadenawa knew that his plan had failed, but attempted heavily to convert him into all manner of distinct humans, since Indra kept chasing him. When he finally turned into a boulder, Indra shot through an arrow, pierced and eventually murdered the evil King. The Mayadenawa blood, which poured from the boulder, has probably created the Petanu River, and for over a thousand years, the river has been doomed to rice and has been quickly grown, but with an terrible reek and bleeding. Every 210 days on the Balinese traditional calendar, the Hindu balinese celebrate Mayadenawa’s death as the day on which virtue triumphs over evil in the rite and ceremony of Galungan

After bathing Purification, we will take you to Tegalalang rice terraces; With a spectacular view within easy reach, the rice terraces of Tegallalang provide an amazing picture of Bali. The view stretches down and down to rice terraces on the valley slopes. It’s a very popular view, but the old valley has an untimely quality, whether tourists are there or not. A local Elder–a farmer who owns the land–invites visitors to taste his green coconut drink and buy his tissue hats from coconut leaves. He will even pose for a tiny fee with you for pictures.

Some souvenir vendors and the ancient farmer may seem pushy, so be ready to attempt and sell you something very difficult. There are no set prices, so have the negotiating abilities at hand, or remember that you just have the image. The fee for the posing farmer is at your discretion, and the pictures without him are just as awesome.

While the rice terraces serve as a highlight in the Tegallalang region, there are numerous shopping choices on the roadsides, and it is worth visiting Pakudui village. Pakudui can be reached after a correct turn from the famous rice paddy view. Find splendid sculptures and wooden forms on the tiny, winding village street.

Next drive to down town of Ubud to visit Ubud Monkey Forest: The Ubud Monkey Forest is renowned for its attempts to preserve it. Research and surveys are conducted frequently to monitor the health, diet and breeding practices of monkeys. You can watch these playful primates swing through canopies and feed on bananas in their natural habitat. Our Bali Cab Driver staff will escort you  and make sure your happiness during joining this promo Purification tour Bali program.

There are several ancient shrines with moose-covered guardian carvings in the forest. The beloved places of the village include the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal and the 14th century Pura Prajapati. Relics and statues with little sunshine are dense and give rise to an odd, old feeling.

The roots of banyan trees hanging over shadowy dragon escalators give exotic photos. Pura Beji is also an ancient bath temple to the northeast of Ubud Monkey Forest’s primary site.

Our next stop once you were joining our Purification tour Bali promo is Ubud Center and visit Ubud Market and Ubud Palace: The Ubud Art Market is a place to discover lovely silk scarves, lightweight shirts, statues, kites, hand-made woven bags, baskets and hats and much more. It is situated in front of the Royal Ubud Palace and is open daily, situated in the local area known as Pasar Seni Ubud.

Most of the products discovered in Ubud are manufactured in Pengosekan, Tegalalang, Payangan and Peliatan, nearby villages. The location of Ubud Art Market is a strategic shopping area for Balinese handicrafts and souvenirs, centering among art producing villages and in the middle of Ubud itself.

In the Ubud market, the Hollywood film Eat Pray Love has also served as the stage for a scene with actress Julia Roberts opposite a masculine personality who wanders through the stalls frequently visited by tourists from other countries and places in actual life. Negotiations are, of course, crucial.

Next walk around Ubud palace;  Puri Saren Agung is the Ubud royal family palace, making it one of Ubud’s most important landmarks. It serves as an art, dance and literature cultural repository. International events are held in the palace and meeting halls, including the opening ceremonies of the annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

The palace was constructed during the reign of Tjokorda Putu Kandel (1800–1823) and has a well-preserved Balinese architecture and a charming garden environment. The front of the palace is open to the public where visitors and photos take place during the day.

We do hope you will enjoy our Purification tour Bali services with all stop and tour plan from us.

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Pictures of Purification Temple Tour

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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Spices plantation garden

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Ubud Monkey Forest

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Ubud Royal Palace

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Ubud art market

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BCD-404  Purification Tour Bali time estimation

  • 07.00 – Pick up from Hotel.
  • 08.30 – Arrived At Tampak Siring Holly Spring temple for Bathing Purification.
  • 11.00 – Visit Tegalalang rice terraces + having lunch at local restaurant around here.
  • 12.30 – Visit Spices garden or Try Swing is another option
  • 13.30 – Visit Ubud Monkey Forest.
  • 14.30 – Visit Ubud Center: Walk down to Ubud Palace + Ubud Art Market
  • 17.00 – Transfer back to hotel

👇 Special offer Purification tour Bali Services👇
USD 60/person all in
USD 30/child 3-11 years

Purification tour Bali  program INCLUSIONS: 

  • English speaking driver
  • Private car with comfort air-conditioned
  • All entrance ticket at scheduled stop.
  • Lunch at local restaurant.
  • Fuel
  • Mineral water
  • Parking Fee
  • Tax

Price Excludes  : Drink during lunch and other personal expenses like shopping

Terms & Conditions  for Purification Tour Bali : 

  • This is private tour.
  • Minimum 2 adult travelling together.
  • Single traveler with 50% extra charge.
  • For cancellation BOOKING, please call us 12 hours before your trip.
  • Time prediction above is subject on the traffic conditions
  • Tour start from Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar city and Ubud  (Out of that area, please contact us)
  • Due to the new government regulations, all service are purchased by cash will be charged in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).
  • The exchange rate will calculate based on the Bank rate when the service apply.
  • The Payment can settle on the day of trip
  • Online Payment by credit card is available with 3% extra charge.
  • If you are travel in group, please contact us for rate and confirmation for your Purification tour Bali package.

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