Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 2

Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali.

Our lovely morning will take you to visit Lovina beach, Black sandy beach with many hotel and offer some interesting stop on way drive up to Lovina.
I am ketut Sutama, I am your private Bali driver and  very happy meet you today and I am ready to serve your holiday while you in Bali. Before we arrived at Lovina, let me share the information about tourist and tourism in Bali.

In 1960 the tourism in Bali start growing, especially European tourist love  Bali as Bali offer exotic  thing, say since 1800 they visit Bali with the ship and found Bali as the Paradise with unique culture and tradition, in past time the women in Bali is topless with natural beauty. Around  1935 we Europe painter name : Andrien Jean Le Mayeu married with Balinese Girl name Nyi Polok, and with his painting about Bali also made Bali become famous around the world.

In 1963 Bali has the biggest hotel with 10 floor in Sanur Beach, name of the hotel is Bali Beach hotel nowdays call Ina Grand Bali beach. Ngurah Airport is built since 1930 by Dutch  with long process till 1969 become International  Airport of Ngurah Rai and was officially open by our Second  Indonesia President Mr Bapak Soehato. This two project as the strategic way to attract Tourist come to Bali.

Kuta growing become the popular tourist resort since 1970 and known as Sunset beach as we have nice sunset and good wave for surfing too and nowadays in Kuta you can find many five start hotel, small hotel, losmen, homestay, night life and pub we can find in Kuta area.

In 1970, Nusa Dua area is planned to be the biggest and luxurious resort in Bali with 25 five star hotel and has about 4000 room, this area will well plan organized by ITCD (International Tourism Cooperation Development) and now days become lux resort with clean white sandy beach, shopping mall, theater show, souvenir shop, Water Blow and other tourist facilities is build for the convenience of the visitors.

With the fast growing of tourism  business at southern part of Bali, bring a positive effect to other resort in Bali, tousit is not just stay at southern Bali, they also love to explore Bali by round trip with spending one or 2 night at Pemuteran, Candidasa,  Amed, Tulamben and Lovina Beach.
I will tell you now about Lovina.

What is Lovina and where is it ?

Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 3
Morning Dolphin Tour at Lovina

Some people say Lovina is derived 2  words, ‘Lov’ and ‘Ina’., and the word ‘Lovina’ however is not clear, but  people say that ‘Lovina’ means ‘Love Indonesia or Love Mother earth.

Lovina Located at the North of Bali and part of Singaraja Regency town. form kuta about 3 hours drive, now days Lovina is getting more popular and more tourist come and stay here, we have black sands beach with calm wave to swim and morning dolphin tour is famous one here, Lovina beach offer many hotel to stay such as:

  • Puri Bagus Candidasa
  • Aditya Lovina
  • Sunari Beach hotel
  • The Lovina hotel
  • Aneka lovina
  • Melka Excelsior Resort Hotel
  • Puri Saron hotel

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Many other small hotel, bungalow, lux villa also can find easily at Lovina for your overnight stay. Other tourist attraction to visit also we have many place to see, On the way to Lovina beach, we can stop at :

  • Bali Botanical Garden in Bedugul:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 4We can drive around the botanical garden with tropical rain forest and see how beautiful the garden with many collection of fauna like orchid, cactus, flower, ritual tree for ceremony. Busy time during weekend , we have many local tourist from Denpasar come here with family to picnic, bring hot water with coffee, tea and food for lunch. On school holiday, this place will be full of bus as the student will have some school program with the graduation ceremony.
    Entrance ticket: IDR 30,000/person
    Parking Fee IDR 10,000/car
  • We may stop at Ulun Dhanu Lake Temple:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 5The most famous Temple which stand on the banks of Bratan lake, we have 2 Temple Located or stand in the lake and other Temple located at the side of the lake. We can see Puncak Mangu Mountain from here and Lake are surrounded by the hill. We have many Hindu come here for worshiping and also come here for other rituals need.
    Entrance ticket IDR 60,000/person
    Parking Fee IDR 10,000/car
  • Wanagiri village:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 6
    Where we can the view of Lake Buyan, other attraction is now build along the street is like selfi spot with Nest spot, swing spot and also can find many local people sell local food for local like Bakso, satay babi and other local food can find here. For selfie spot the ticket start from IDR 10,000/person.

    GitGit Waterfall:Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 7On the way drive down from WanaGiri to Lovina, need about 15 -20 minutes walk pass the garden of clove, cocoa, we will arrived at The Gitgit Waterfall, visitor may spend time to relax or bathing with fresh water from the mountain.
    entrance ticket IDR 20,000/person
    Parking fee IDR 5,000/car

Then we will drive via Singaraja city town, then we will arrived at Lovina, normally we will stop at the local restaurant if you want having lunch, then walk down to beach and feel walk on the black sands of Lovina. If you want stay overnight, we can find and check many hotel to stay, restaurant or café also can find the center of Lovina.

The center we have dolphin statue, do you know why we have it? Because Lovina beach is famous spot to see dolphin at the open sea, if you love to see, we suggested to stay overnight here then next morning we will join in the early morning with the local fisherman to sailing with traditional engine outrigger. Mostly Dolphin season is on April to September, but all year around we still have a chance to see it.

Other near by stop around Lovina can find by short drive from the center of Lovina, such as :

  • Banjar Hot Spring:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 8 If you love to bathing and swimming , this is the right place to come if you stay or just take day trip to Lovina, the pool has 2 meter deep and also has shallow pool for the kids, the water is come from natural hot sping and believe can cure your skin disease as the water has strong sulfur.
    Entrance ticket IDR 20,000/person
    Parking fee IDR 10,000/car
  • Biggest Buddhist Temple called Brahma Arama Wihara:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 9where we can see the miniature of Borobudur Temple with beautiful pond and nice garden surrounded. If you want to pray, please come inside of the Temple, please keep quite and calm during our visit here.
    Entrance ticket : Donation
    Parking Fee IDR 5,000/cab
  • Krisna Funtastic Land:
    Take tour with our Bali Cab Driver to Lovina Beach north of Bali. 10The presence of Krisna Funtastic Land in Singaraja, being a new tourist or recreation place in Bali, this tourist attraction just opened on November 10, 2016, adding to the long row of interesting places in Bali to be visited, at the time of the unmitigated opening of a series of board artists of Indonesia invited to enliven. The moment is very appropriate, because nearing the turn of the year, so when the 2017 celebration Krisna Funtastic Land visitors are very booming

This place is indeed a new tourist area and offers different attractions compared to other tourist parks in Bali. Maybe you are used to nature, nautical tourism, rafting, zoos and water parks, the presence of Krisna Funtastic Land in Lovina Singaraja provides a new experience while on holiday on the island of the Gods.

The location of Krisna Funtastic Land is indeed very strategic in the area of ​​North Bali, because it is close to Lovina beach tourism area which presents dolphin attractions in the wild, besides the object of Lovina beach, the other nearby area is Brahmavihara Arama, Banjar hot water. Other nearby tourist attractions are Krisna Watersport and Krisna Adventure. So that you can ensure that your holiday in Buleleng Regency or a tour in North Bali will not be boring. Because besides the waterfall natural attractions that dominate it there are also a number of recreational parks for you and your family to play like Krisna Funtastic Land Singaraja.

This recreation place is well designed designed to play for children and adults alike, and for those who like challenges especially for young people who can drive adrenaline up to the usual games for children. Entering the tourist area of ​​Krisna Funtastic Land in Lovina Singaraja, you are welcomed with a typical souvenir shop Krisna that is designed modern, with prices for affordable items, then entering the dining area designed so beautifully in Balinese nuances, surrounded by beautiful gardens , and a number of gazebos to relax while dining.

And the back of this area is Krisna Funtastic Land, the whole area, from parking, by, by the park, to the night and the recreation park reaches 5 hectares. The icon of Krisna Funtastic Land is an airplane that reads Krisna Air parked in the recreation park section, then there is a giant ferries wheel that you can see from afar, a monumental design that makes many people curious to come and get to know more closely. Various game rides are provided at Krisna Funtastic Land, there are at least 16 rides with the price of admission and cheap and affordable games, the ticket prices vary, depending on the sensation presented.

A playground at Krisna Funtastic Land including; Boom-Boom Cars electric vehicle rides, Krisna Air a passenger plane to find out about the inside of the aircraft placed on the front of the park, Flywheel electric vehicles with a capacity of 2 people are controlled with a ball, Dragon Coaster a roller coaster designed in the shape of a dragon, Singaraja Flyer a wheel giant (ferries wheel) that moves slowly from the height can see Lovina area, Flying Cakra large disk rotates and swings, Viking a giant boat moves swinging.

Other rides at Krisna Funtastic Land such as; Star tour using a paddle train across a railroad over a recreational park, Rowing Boat game by rowing boat, Airborne Shoot a swing rotating up and down then catapulting its occupants, Self Control Plane, Castle Lantern and a number of games for children such as a rotating horse carriage , Inflatable Castle and Classic Train, and later it will also be equipped with a Greenhouse and agility. The game ticket price ranges from the price of Rp. 8,000 – Rp. 20,000 but during weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays there is an additional Rp. 2,000 / game.

The ticket price to Krisna Funtastic Land Lovina;
Normal day – Adult / child: IDR 10,000 / person
Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) + Holidays: IDR 15,000 / person
Child (height less than 85cm): free

Opening hours from Krisna Funtastic Land every day (except Nyepi) starting at 16.00 – 22.00 hours.

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