Grab our Bali Cab Driver to Sing Sing Angin Waterfall from Bali International Airport 2

Let’s see Sing Sing Angin Waterfall today with Bali Cab driver.

Hello Visitors. Welcome to Bali and welcome aboard on our cab and let’s see Bali as you please.

Advise us your flight number, arrival time and how many person of your participant and we will the cab as your needs.

Warm welcome from our Bali driver once we meet at the airport and get ready for the day tour in Bali or we check in to your hotel first, see how your time goes. My name is Arca and I am your driver during your holiday stay in Bali. May I suggested a trip to see something new and really expose to see?

I will take you see the Waterfall called: Sing Sing Angin Waterfall. It’s take about 1,5 hours drive from Airport to reach the location. On the way up, if you want stop for lunch, drinks and some cakes, we are happy to give you time. Other attraction or place of interest that we can combine with this visit, we may stop at Taman Ayun “The Royal Family Temple” its located at Mengwi village, from airport about 1 hours drive or we may visit the museum Subak at Tabanan regency where we can see and learn about farming in Bali.

Entrance ticket to Mengwi Royal Temple : 30k/person
Entrance Ticket to Museum Subak : 50K/person

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Gentleman, lets now go straight to Singsing Waterfall.

It’s located at Manikyang, Selemadeg village, we will drive into the village with narrow street but its worth to visit as not many tourist yet come here, we will have a nice photo once we arrived at the waterfall. The waterfall has 3 fall and and middle of the river also has like bamboo tree and small hut for relax, meditate, selfie. We also can do swing here as we have simple rope swing for photo shoot. If you want go to swim, please don’t forget to bring towel and swimsuit.

For the moment no fix entrance ticket to visit, but we have like box donation at the waterfall, donate as you please for the road and little maintenance of this object.
Entrance ticket fee to Sing Sing Angin Waterfall: Donation as you please.

Sing Sing Angin Waterfall
Sing Sing Angin Waterfall

We do hope you were enjoy your visit at Waterfall, now we may back to hotel or also can visit Tanah Lot Temple with a thousand visitors at the evening for sunset, Shall I drive you there now ? Alright, here we go about 1 hour from Sing Sing Angin waterfall to Tanah Lot Temple. The Temple is located at coast line, nested at Braban village and this tourist object is most popular for visitors. Once we arrived there, we will get the ticket.

entrance fee ticket at 60k/person and after we get the ticket, we will take you walk to Temple.

Finally here we are at Tanah Lot Temple. Todays weather is good and I hope you can see sunset, see how our luck. Please bring camera!
Please follow me, and here is nice spot for the photo shoot, Please take a looks that Temple in the Ocean, Its called Tanah Lot, Its derived from the words of Tanah means : Land and Lot means ; Sea or ocean, That why its Call Temple in The sea as its located in the sea and especially during high tide, the Temple looks like floating in the sea. Its will be more color and beautiful if sunset over the Indian Ocean can see today, let’s Pray.

Please take look of the left side, there another beautiful Temple, called Batu Bolong, Its derived from the words of Batu means: Rock and Bolong means: Hole, as we can see the Temple has Hole on the bottom, if you want walk get closer to the Temple, please come and follow me here, watch you step please.

Now I will take you close to Tanah Lot Temple, as low tide now, we may see and touch the Holy snake that live around the cave and look after by the local people, if you want touch the snake, please prepare small money for donation. Do you take the Holly Water from the Temple? If yes, we may walk to the foot of the Temple, we have local Priest who can splash the visitors with holly water and small donation as you please can put in the box.

Sunset will be in 20 minutes, lets us walk up from other side, from here will will wait for the sunset, if you want have some drinks, coffee, tea, beer, coconut, please order from the local.

Sunset is going down, now we will walk back to parking area and I will drive you back to hotel.

Hope enjoy your trip today with us “ Bali Cab driver”

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