Afternoon meet Bali Cab Driver at Bali airport and going to Uluwatu Cliff Temple 2

Welcome to Bali  “Dearest Visitors”

If you plan meet us at Bali international airport, please send us notification details request from your side is :

  • Name of the leader
  • Number of participant
  • Flight number
  • Arrival time in Bali

Once we have the above details, we will assign our English Bali Driver and he will come and stand by at the airport, he will paging your name with below sign :

Welcome to Bali
Mr………./ Ms….

If you have Whatsapp, will be great as we can share our driver photo and his number, then you meet our driver at the exit.

And finally here we are meet in Bali, my name is Gede, I’m your driver today. As you order for using our services for 10 hours from now, we have some interesting place that you can see. From Airport to Uluwatu Temple is take about 1 hour, depend on the traffic conditions, The Temple is built on the high cliff facing to Indian Ocean, and also very good spot for catching sunset if good sunny day. We have a thousand of visitor come from morning till evening to see how its beautiful. more tourist will come at evening for sunset moment. we have 2 entrance, south entrance and north entrance, If we go via north entrance, we will take you walk along the path while see the beach, around the Temple also we can see and meet the greys Monkeys, they are bit Naughty and like tease the visitors by grab your belonging.

If you want to see the Ramayana kecak & Fire dance, we have daily show at open stage near Uluwatu Temple, the show start at 18.00-19.00, on the show you will have a text on paper that’s give you idea about the story is.

Uluwatu entrance ticket : IDR 30,000/person

Parking fee: Bike IDR 5,000, Car IDR 10,000

Kecak & Fire dance ticket : IDR 100,000/ticket

Other tour or visit we may can do if we going on Uluwatu route, we have some tourist attraction we may do, such as :

  • Tanjung Benoa Beach: Located at the southern peninsula, where we have many five star hotel along this beach such as Conrad Bali, Novotel, Grand Mirage, Nikko Hotel, Bali tropic  and many other smaller hotel and villa can found here. Main attraction for visit at Tanjung Benoa beach is Water sport center, where we can find many marine sport game, if you want arrange the activities through us, we have special rate below:
    Banana boat USD 10/person
    Jet Ski USD 20/person
    FLY Fish USd 20/person
    Parasailing : USD 10/person
    Adventure parasailing USD 30/person
    Ocean walker USD 35/person

Tanjung Benoa Entrance ticket:  FREE.

  • Water Blow is one of the interesting place that also we can see, located at the center of Nusa Dua hotel complex, this spot offers the view of beach with water blow during high tide, Please bring camera to catch the moment of blow.
    – Water blow entrance ticket FREE
    – Parking fee : IDR 5,000/car, IDR 2,000/Bike.
Afternoon meet Bali Cab Driver at Bali airport and going to Uluwatu Cliff Temple 3
Water Blow Nusa Dua
  • Pandawa Beach is another interesting spot that we can combine on this trip, its well plan object by the local and government, once we enter the area and we will see many statue of Pandawa name; Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadewa , Kunti, Drupadi. This statue is located on the main street on the left side and from top here, we can take photo with Pandawa Beach view, and now we drive down to the beach and here we may spend time for relaxing, swimming, canoeing and have some drinks from the local seller.
Afternoon meet Bali Cab Driver at Bali airport and going to Uluwatu Cliff Temple 4
Pandawa Beach

– Pandawa beach entrance ticket : IDR 15,000/person
– Parking fee : IDR 5,000/car, IDR 2,000/Bike.

  • Padang-Padang beach is another beach that we can see if you want see more beach, we have walk down to get the beach with easy access, many tourist come here for relaxing and sun bathing.
    – Padang-Padang  beach entrance ticket : IDR 10,000/person
    – Parking fee : IDR 5,000/car, IDR 2,000/Bike.
  • Dreamland beach is another beach located at souther Bali which is quite close to Uluwatu, to enter this beach, we have to drive enter Pecatu Graha resort and finally we will parking on the top then visitors must walk down to the beach. Its beautiful beach that given by surfer who found the beach and now this beach becoming very popular for tourist. There are local sellers  rental the chair and umbrella if you want relaxing, while swimming and have drinks.
    – Dream Land   beach entrance ticket : FREE
    – Parking fee : IDR 10,000/car, IDR 5,000/Bike.
  • Other suggestion if you take trip to Uluwatu is going down for dinner at Jimbaran Bay, its located near Bali Airport, with many fisherman boat on the small port and this beach has local fish market where local and tourist can buy any kind of fresh fish.

Jimbaran Bay is known for best BBQ seafood dinner, the restaurant or local cafe at set on the beach and visitors can sit on sands chair while dinner and enjoy live song.

Sunset also beautiful moment from this beach. at the southern part of Jimbaran, we can find 5 star hotel like Intercontinental Jimbaran, Four Season hotel and other smaller hotel and villa can found here.
– Jimbaran Bay Entrance ticket : FREE
– Paking Fee : IDR 5,000/car, IDR 2,000/Bike

Well that is about our trip today to uluwatu, now its time for me to take you back to hotel, we do hope trip today is memorable and we hope you may book other tours with BaliCabDriver.

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