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Tips to Beach Wedding Planning

The story of Bali with its beautiful nature is endless. Every corner of Bali provides beauty that is second to none. Bali presents natural scenery that will confirm every memory you make in Bali. Including, when you choose Bali as the location of your wedding event.

It’s no secret that Bali is a favorite place for many couples whether it’s couples from outside Bali who are Indonesian citizens and couples from other countries as the location of their marriage. Many places in Bali are often a wedding venue including the beach.

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In this article, we will provide some tips and review things related to wedding planning on the beach. Perhaps it is useful for all readers who might need it.

Beach wedding planning

Beach wedding planning seems to be a modern ceremony choice that is encouraged by the need for privacy, intimacy, simplicity and by the lack of time couples now face. If you live in a coastal area, your big day could very well take you to the beach. Although exotic island alternatives sound like paradise, they are not always within reach for our average budget. And on many occasions, you can be perfectly happy with less…

Before you take up beach wedding planning, you need to be certain that this is the right option for you. It goes without saying that it would cost you a fortune to travel to the seaside or abroad just to organize the wedding on a beach.

The idea of beach weddings is actually associated with little formality, nearly casual wear and a very relaxed atmosphere. If your expectations go toward a more sophisticated, elegant event with hundreds of guests, you should reconsider your options.

You will need special attire and favors for beach wedding planning, and online resources could help you make good deals. There is plenty of information on the latest trends, shops, suppliers, professional wedding planners, caterers and all the other service providers that can help you with wedding planning.

One issue you should be concerned with is the fact that some of your guests will have to travel to join you on the big day. Make all the arrangements for them to have a comfortable trip and a nice stay. Some couples send ‘save the date’ cards up to a year prior to their wedding. Invitations follow much later.

Two natural-setting-related issues that you have to pay attention to for beach wedding planning include the tide and the breeze. You may consider a cove or an area protected from direct winds for the ceremony. Then, depending on the size of the wedding, you may need special permits from the authorities to hold both the ceremony and the party by the sea side. A wedding planner should have all the competence necessary to help you arrange things in detail and without spending too much time.

Be prepared against rainy weather even if the sun shines on your day. Rent an outdoor canopy and decorate it for the party. You may consider a tent and a deck for the occasion as well. If you organize a small wedding reception, the menu should be simple with some light courses or a buffet.

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Beach Wedding Venue at Grand Mirage Resort dan Thalasso Bali

In Bali, one of the great beaches for your wedding is the Grand Mirage Bali Beach is an ideal place for ceremonies and weddings. Sky, sea, and sand are the perfect combination for a dream wedding. The beach will be decorated with pergolas, and beautiful flowers. Feel the sensation of saying “I DO” in the midst of the peace of the beach. The beach of this resort can accommodate 300 people. The perfect place with the perfect person beside you complements your happiness.

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