Fun Fishing Adventure in Bali: Deep Sea Fishing 2

Fun Fishing Adventure Activity in Bali: Deep Sea Fishing

If you are on holiday in Bali with friends, maybe you are interested in fishing together. Because the island of Bali has some fun fishing spots in the sea of southern Bali, especially the sea around Nusa Penida. You can enjoy fishing tour activities provided by one of the fishing tour provider in Bali.

Fishing is an activity one can engage in quite a few levels. You can go fishing with nothing but the most basic of rods or head out with a minivan full of equipment. Whatever the case the chances of a good catch are not necessarily determined by how good you are as a fisherman. Instead your catch can depend on a variety factors from where you are fishing, the seasons and just pure luck.

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Fun Fishing Adventure in Bali: Deep Sea Fishing 3
Fishing Trip (Photo: bali-indonesia.com)

About Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing would mean fishing for technical purposes where recreational sportfishing would be sportfishing as a sport.

The main techniques used for deep sea sportfishing take trolling, bottom sea fishing, seining and long lining. To elaborate Farther, trolling requires fishers to keep the boat at a endless speed (a velocity of six knots is broadly speaking considered optimum) while the angling lure is drawn on a line just beneath the surface of the water. In bottom sea sportfishing, the boat is anchored, and hooks baited with lures are dropped well past the surface of the sea.

Seining, on the other hand, roles bigger fishing nets kept standing and floating in the water through the fastening of weights to its bottom edge; that comes as a valid technique in use wherever bigger number of fish is expected to be found. Long lining as its name means, comprises of a long line warm at taxonomical intervals with baited hooks with the aid of branch lines, commonly concerned to as “snoods”.

For those curious in deep sea angling, choosing a fit boat is of paramount importance. You could either charter a boat or use what is known as a party boat for a cost effective ride.

Before embarking on a deep sea fishing expedition, fishermen should always ensure that they carry suitable gear with them, in order to make the fishing trip a success.

Items that should be taken include a large, thick fishing rod that would not break easily, a deep sea fishing reel such as a spinning reel, a belt and harness, fishing lure and bait, preferably in an assortment of styles and colors.

Since deep sea fishing expeditions generally take more than a couple of hours, would-be fishermen are advised to take a snack, fresh water, a hat, some sunscreen and a mini first-aid kit, along with them too.

The enjoyment of deep sea fishing comes not just from landing a prized-size catch, but by observing the sea and its constituent wildlife such as gulls, dolphins, and reefs, by alternating the relaxation of the wait with the excitement of reeling in the fish, and by taking home a few precious memories along with the “trophy trout”!

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Fun Fishing Adventure in Bali: Deep Sea Fishing 4

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