Wapa Di Ume Resort - Serene Heaven In The Natural Rice Field of Ubud 2

If you desire to stay at a villa resort that is very different to your memorable holiday in Bali, then there is a villa which we recommend is Wapa di Ume Resort & Spa in Ubud. This is a destination to relax, to live extravagantly, to run away from the bustling and noise of the outer world and to immerse yourself in serenity and revitalize.

Wapa di Ume has been engendered to be diminutive and intimate; lanai villas, terrace villa, villa with pool, family villa with pool, and Di Ume Suite. Each individual one placed in its own way to exploit the feeling of privacy and individual space.

It is a way out from the modern world. Away from television, distant from radio, and even distant from the telephone, if you optate.

The Unique of Wapa di Ume Resort

At Wapa di Ume you are in the authentic Bali, you are part of the culture; you have been transferred to a different place another time the Bali you come for. The villa resort is beautifully set amid rustic and verdant rice field offer charming scenery of tropical nature.

Unique of Bali and some modern amenities offer you the art of living in style.

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Wapa Di Ume Resort - Serene Heaven In The Natural Rice Field of Ubud 3
Wapa Diume aerial

In all places at Wapa di Ume Ubud, you are circumvented by the color and textures of nature, tiles, dressed slate, intricate work copper, soft homespun fabrics, smooth unpainted wood, rough cut stone, natural bamboo, flowers, foliage and Balinese alang-alang grass roofing.

There is a very substantial reason why grass is a favorite material for installing roofs. Far from merely looking quaint, alang-alang (the most popular grass for roof installation) keep out the tropical energy in a way that stone tiles cannot. It withal provides astronomically good auspice from the tropical driving rain that are prevalent during the wet season.

Why visitor recommend Wapa Diume Resort?

One couple visitor who had stayed here earlier said it was as “luxurious privacy at its best”. They selected this villa accommodation because they wanted to have worth time together and did totally no thing. They said also, Wapa di Ume was recommended by their partner and it turned out to be the perfect selection.

The location is far from the actions but this resort is an excellent holiday villa for couples in love. Not only that, Ubud and surrounding area is famous as one of the favorite tourist destinations during day tour in Bali.

Wapa di Ume Resort & Spa is operating by a very good professional team that secures every guest for the excellent services. Get special benefit from its interesting package. It is only minutes ride to the center of Ubud, Bali’s cultural heartland.

Ubud art village is a scenic township and visitors from all over the world have been fascinated by its charm and stunner for decades.

Keep gorgeous Bali in your heart.

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So, if you are interested in staying in a villa, you need to consider Ubud as your choice for your holiday accommodation. Then, if you need Bali hire driver for your activities, please contact us via WhatsApp +62 878 6196 8073.

Wapa Di Ume Resort - Serene Heaven In The Natural Rice Field of Ubud 4
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