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Tips for Yoga Poses when Practicing Yoga

Yoga began to develop rapidly in Indonesia around the early 2000s. Body and mind balance exercises that rely on breathing are transformed into lifestyles and are followed by almost all groups including the Western world.

Yoga was then popularized in 2008 in Ubud through the Bali Spirit Festival. This makes Indonesia, especially Bali Island gradually known as an international yoga destination.

Since then, the management of hotels and villas in Bali has begun offering yoga packages to attract foreign tourists to come to Bali. In addition, there are also many special places that have been built to practice yoga and increase awareness of spirituality complete with facilities and instructors.

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Yoga pose

Through this article, we will present some things related to yoga poses which can be useful for those of you who want to know more about yoga practice.

Yoga Poses

The core of any yoga practice, no matter of style, consists of the correct performance of yoga poses or asanas. There is a general belief that yoga postures are difficult, pushing the physical limits of the body. Yet, this is only partly true. You should only perform the asanas that correspond to a particular difficulty level that characterizes you. The purpose behind twisting and bending the body in ‘curious’ ways is to achieve some spiritual benefits. All yoga poses thus have a physical and a spiritual dimension.

Yoga poses are always supported by breathing techniques (pranayama) which are equally important for the yogi to achieve the much wanted inner balance. Westerners usually emphasize the health benefits of yoga practice, no matter the style. In fact, it is due to these immediate advantages that yoga even appealed to Westerners in the first place. There are thousands of Americans who go to yoga classes every week, and their main focus is to perform the yoga poses correctly, so as to reap the fruits of great health.

And who could blame us for doing so? The West does not have the inner depth of the East. Western society is wealth-oriented, supported by solid materialistic and capitalist principles that have made countries rich. However, the West seems to lack in spiritual depth, which has led to a deepening spiritual and devotional crisis.

If performed correctly and under the supervision of a good yoga teacher, yoga poses may help people fill the void within. Even with guidance, transcendence and self-awareness grow in time and with constant exercise.

If you search to read on yoga benefits and the difficulty of yoga poses, I suggest you first learn about the true nature of yoga and its original purposes and principles. Finding out what yoga implies represents the only authentic way to be truthful to yourself.

You will otherwise feel incomplete with the mere physical practice of yoga poses, because you’ll remain on the surface of things. Yoga usually remains appealing as long as people don’t have to embrace new convictions such as non-violence, veganism and environmentalism.

Even if you may not notice it, there will be a growing contradiction between yoga practice and your lifestyle if you don’t feel the main yoga principles within you. In vain will you try to eat only veggies, if inside you keep craving for meat, eggs and milk.

The same holds true for non-violence: you can appear as meek as a lamb in your social interactions, yet feel like a volcano inside. This is the kind of conflict you should prevent, by gaining a deeper understanding of yoga poses.

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Bali Spirit Festival

So, if you are interested in participating in the Bali Spirit Festival, then you need to come to Ubud which can be reached in approximately 50-60 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Ubud, which is the center of culture and art in Gianyar Regency does indeed offer a calm and suitable atmosphere to contemplate. Cold air and rice fields in almost all locations make tourists feel comfortable here.

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