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What plans do you have during the next holidays? Or you have no plans and only think about doing a sweet escape in the middle of hectic activities? Flying to Bali to visit some of the tourism objects immediately and without detailed plans can be a fun choice. You can go alone or together with reliable travel fellows.

Have you chosen a few places that you desire to visit in Bali? Or you begin to confuse now because you have no idea where to go at all. Even though you know that Bali has abundant magnificent and sacred tourism objects that will amaze you.

No need to worry because there are special services for travelers or tourists in Bali who want to enjoy their leisure time without messing around with a tight schedule, confusion about choosing the destination, and the burden of high travel costs. It is car charter Bali from Bali Cab Driver. Do visit the website www.balicabdriver.com for further more information about this cool service.

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Why Use Bali Private Driver?

Many things are considered why tourists like to use the services of a private driver when traveling in Bali. Some of them might be your consideration, too.

  1. The private driver is professional in driving, can speak English, and having a good personality. Moreover, the driver is usually very familiar with access to many interesting places in Bali. Even though it is the hidden place. This private driver can also be your guide as he knows about the culture and habits of the local people.
  2. No need to deposit some money to confirm your booking order. You just need to pay in cash once you meet the private driver. For those who use a credit card, it will be simple paying through the online payment such as using Paypal. It is comfortable for the customers and the provider, too.
  3. You can choose a vehicle according to passenger capacity and access to tourism objects. There are several types of cars such as standard minivan (MPV) and minibus. For those of you who travel only with 3 to 5 traveling companions and luggage, it would be better to rent a MPV . While, for a trip with friends from one division of your office of 12 to 16 persons, it would be nice to rent a minibus at a car charter Bali provider.
  4. The price is very affordable. Just imagine and think twice, with only USD 40-50 per car, you can enjoy a 10-hour trip with traveling mates to the several tourist spots. The price includes the car, driver with the services for 10 hours per day, fuel, pickup or delivery of hotels in popular areas, unlimited mileage, and taxes. You will not be charged any additional fees. Then, for minibus, you only spend USD 65-85 per minibus with the same facilities, but the passenger capacity is far more.

The information you get from your car charter Bali driver about the prices of local food, crafts, the culture and habits of the local people, and also the behavior that must you keep during a visit in a sacred place is more accurate than what you read in a search engine or blog review.

The Cozy Vehicles Of Car Charter Bali

There are various choices of cars for different passenger capacities in Bali Cab Driver.

  • Cozy Standard Vehicle Toyota Avanza, type of MPV complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, parking fees, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 5 to 7 passengers without luggage or 3 passengers with luggage.
  • Cozy Standard Vehicle Suzuki APV, type MPV complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 5 to 7 passengers without luggage or 3 passengers with luggage.
  • Cozy Standard Vehicle Toyota Innova, type MPV complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 5 to 7 passengers without luggage or 4 passengers with luggage.
  • Cozy Short ELF Minibus complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, parking fees, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 12 passengers without luggage or 9 people with luggage.
  • Cozy Long ELF Minibus complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, parking fees, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 16 to 19 passengers without luggage or 12 passengers with luggage.
  • Cozy Minibus Toyota HiAce complete with English speaking private driver, fuel, parking fees, and taxes. This car is comfortable for 14 to 15 passengers without luggage or 10 passengers with luggage.

 The Family Tour in Bali

Bali has a myriad of interesting places that you can visit with your beloved family. You will always feel at home in Bali. Family tours are ideal for places such as nature tourism, marine tourism, animal encounters, and riding ATVs or doing water sports together.

To reach those interesting places, you need a car that can accommodate all family members at once. Make sure you contact the right private driver service provider such as Bali Cab Driver. The way to order is very easy. You just need to click on www.balicabdriver.com and everything you need is here. Starting from a private driver, a car by the number of family members, to the information about amazing tourism objects that you can visit in Bali while traveling for about 10 hours.

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Taman Ayun Temple

It is great to take you all family to this Taman Ayun Temple. When you arrive at this temple, the typical royal family temple style soon spoils your eyes. As the name implies, Taman Ayun which means ‘beautiful garden’, this place was arranged in such a way with its beautiful ponds filled with jades, magnificent architecture, meaningful statues, and historical temples.

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The ruler of Mengwi Kingdom, Tjokorda Sakti Blambangan, constructed this temple in 1634. The temple was influenced by Chinese architecture. Taman Ayun is the temple of unity between the Mengwi Kingdom and its individuals. This is the main symbol of respect for the Mengwi people who do not need to travel too far for large temples such as Batur in Kintamani or Besakih in East Bali. People see this temple as the temple of Mother Mengwi. The towering lanes of the shrines are the respectful sign of the Mengwi people to their deified rulers. Well, visiting Taman Ayun Temple could be the historical education for children too, right?

The Green Scenery of Jatiluwih 

Do you miss the green scenery of the rice fields in a rural village complete with cool air rush into your bare skin? Why don’t you come to Jatiluwih rice terrace? As the name implies, this scenic spot is only filled with terrace rice fields. It is similar to the videos or pictures that always we watch on tv or the internet.

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The rural village Jatiluwih has a rice terrace that is close to Mountain Batukaru. The weather here is cool as it is 700 meters above the ocean surface. Jatiluwih is very quiet and hidden-be like. You and your family that accustomed to living in the city surrounded by tall buildings will surely feel at home in this village. The right and the left road of the rice terraces is very quiet. Only a few people walk here. This is beneficial for visitors who want to go to the rice terrace on foot or take a private vehicle to enjoy the scenery there, take pictures, and feel the coolness of the air.

It is good for you to have a car charter Bali from the best provider in Bali like Bali Cab Driver.

Trip With Elephant in Carangsari Village

Another exciting family trip is to please your kids by riding elephants in Carangsari village. When you arrive at Bali Elephant Camp, you will be welcomed with welcome drinks. After that, you and your family will be escorted by the staff to the tall huts where we will start the journey riding the Bali elephant.

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The elephant ride will take approximately 30 minutes. You will be escorted into a tropical garden where there are many plants such as durians mangoes, jackfruits, coconut trees, cloves, bamboo trees to the cornfield.

Once in a while, the elephants that carry people will be given tropical fruits by the guard who escorts them. This one of the interesting attractions for tourists.

Being on the top of an elephant is a different experience when you have to see the view of the Ayung Valley. You look like Tarzan and Jane who are walking around the tropical forest with their beloved elephant. The friction of bamboo trees, the refreshing wind, and the soothing sounds of nature will accompany your 30 minutes journey with the greatest creature on Earth.

The trip ends with an elephant entering a fairly deep pool. You have to stay calm even though a shock might occur when the elephant moves into the pool. Then, the elephant will suck water from the pool.

A couple of minutes later, the show comes up. The elephant’s trunk will spit water forward. Take your camera and capture this moment, please.

Don’t forget to ask the guard to take your picture with the family above the elephants. Besides riding the elephant, you can also visit the honey bear cage and see this cute bear activity more closely.

To end your tour, what if you do a spa with foot washing, Balinese body massage, scrub, and aromatic flower bath? This series of treatments will last for approximately 2 hours. This treatment will eliminate your fatigue after a day of traveling. Then, you will have to say goodbye to the driver of car charter Bali and you will see him again the next day.

So, if you need Bali experience driver for your trip or activities, please visit https://balicabdriver.com or contact us via WhatsApp +62 878 6196 8073.

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