Day Trip to Kusamba Salt Farmer with Bali Driver Team 2

Beach Day Trip to Kusamba Salt Farmer with Experience Bali Driver Team

Bali is small tiny island which is surrounded with beautiful beaches, most famous beach for tourist such as Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Dreamland beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Suluban beach and others, those beach is mostly well known because has white sands and also has long weave for surfing and also on daily visited by many tourist.

One beach may be not so familiar for you, called Kusamba Beach, Ever heard of Kusamba beach? For tourist, it may be only known by a few visitors, but for local maybe most of them know the beach because in this area Goa Lawah is a popular tourist destination and also for local Hindus who conduct praying, purification ceremonies.

In addition, at the Kusamba beach there are at least about 4 ports to crossing to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan by boat and fast boat. And no less popular, that Kusamba is also the only marine fish market place at this area and the only traditional salt farmer attraction from a few salt farmer that still exist in Bali.

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Kusamba Beach itself is located in the village of Kusamba, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency. And one of the shores of Kusamba is known as a place for traditional salt farmers who produce high-taste organic salt, good quality and savory taste. Until now, there may only be 17 salt farmers left, because income as a salt farmer cannot be relied upon, processing still traditionally relying on weather, including difficult marketing, that is as some of the factors, that make salt farmers in Kusamba get less and less.

Day Trip to Kusamba Salt Farmer with Bali Driver Team 3
Kusamba salt farmer

Salt farmers in Bali are indeed starting to decrease, besides their income as salt farmers is not as good as tourism business, but also because a number of places such as the Amed beach area in Karangasem which used to be salt producers are now declining, as the growing of tourism business, this place has developed into a tourism industry with some hotel and villa build along the beach. Although the traditional salt production site in Bali is starting to be limited, it does not necessarily make salt farmers who are still loyal to pursue their profession like in the village of Kusamba, get increasing income.

Besides being an organic salt, salt farmers in Kusamba Klungkung produce high-taste salt with a savory flavor to be the most ideal complement to food seasonings. So that Kusamba salt also penetrated into the world of exports to abroad like Japan. The processing of salt by these farmers is very dependent on nature, the process of making salt is more maximal during the dry season because it depends on the sun, if the rainy season of course the production results will drop dramatically.

Through a lengthy process with traditional ways, even this salt processing process in Kusamba is become an alternative visit and concern for tourists who take trip to east of Bali, so it is not surprising that salt processing by farmers loved by local and foreign visitors.

As located close Goa Lawah temple is also another reason why this spot get more visitors during a day, so it does not takes too much time, besides that this area is also famous for food of sea fish such as tuna and tuna in the form of soup, pepes and satay, you can find many small food stall or Warung where they served this kind food, come and sit with folded leg under table and eat with hands is another unique experience for you.

Following is the process of making organic salt at Kusamba village :
1. The beach sand is leveled, then the farmers pour sea water over the level of the sand that has been flattened, the watering process can reach 3-4 times.
2. Waiting for dry sand for about 4 hours (if the weather is hot), the dry sand will be carried on a hut and placed on a sand filter.
3. The sand is doused with sea water, so you get the first salt water, filtered again to 3-4 times to produce pure salt water.
4. Pure salt water which is the result of sand distillation is put on stalls made of coconut tree trunks, then placed in the hot sun.
5. After getting enough sunshine, the water will crystallize, this crystal is high quality pure salt, taken and dredged using coconut shell to produce small salt granules ready for consumption.

Traditional salt processing as a tourist destination

The traditional Salt farmers are rarely found today, as the growing of tourist business in Bali, its very potential to become a tourist destination, even in Kusamba you can learn or pay attention to all the details about the process of making salt, so your holiday will fill with some new and also you will get knowledge about salt farming and its could be you want try once you back at your country.
Every day, there are always tourists who visit and witnessing the activities of salt making process in Kusamba.

Another thing that can be enjoyed in this area is the natural beauty of the sea, which lies blue, in the distance, the mountains of the island of Nusa Penida, the calm atmosphere of the beach can find peace and beauty.

If you plan to take a tour to the East Bali region, a number of tourist spot can be combine, such as visit to Kertha Gosa, Bali Safari & Marine Park, Goa Lawah. Please contact us for any information and our Bali Cab Transport Service is ready to take you around.

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