Day trip at Jimbaran with Cab Bali Driver 2

A South Bali Day Trip at Jimbaran with Cab Bali Driver

Our Cab Bali driver is ready to invite you to take a stroll in Bali island which is offers beautiful panoramas, enjoy the beautiful stretch of rice terraces with waving coconut trees that will make you happy on a holiday in Bali. Besides offering beautiful natural scenery, Bali also has a unique culture, the people are friendly and the smile of Balinese people is the most impressive thing that you will always get if you are in Bali.

For those of you who like adventure to the beach, Bali also offers exotic beaches to visit, one of beach that we will visit is Jimbaran Bay.

Bali has very many beaches, each of which has its own characteristics. There is a beach where tourists can surf freely like on Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang-Padang, Nusa Dua Beach, Medewi beach. There is also some beach where various motorized watersport activities can be carried out such as at Tanjung Benoa Watersport and Sanur Beach. And one of the beach is Jimbaran as one of interesting spot to visit while you in Bali.

Jimbaran Bali beach is a beach that is famous as a place to relax enjoying the view of the sunset while enjoying delicious seafood dishes from local restaurants around the beach, most people call it Café, where we have small restaurant stand on the main street of Jimbaran Bay, they grilled and it’s smokes smell by the people who pass on the street and its attract people stop over for dinner, the unique one is the table and chair is set up on the whites sands of Jimbaran Beach while see sunset.

Some Café also can arrange special dinner set up for honeymooner, where they will provide one table with 2 chair with umbrella, candle and flower decoration, we call it candle light dinner. That is why besides being a beach resort, Jimbaran Beach is also one of the centers of culinary tourism in Bali which is often recommended by people as a place to eat delicious food especially for grilled fish, squid and crab, mussel, pawn and other.

Jimbaran Beach is located in Jimbaran Village, South Kuta – Badung Regency. If landed in Bali Airport, you can see Jimbaran bay as it located very close to the southern part of the Airport.

History of Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is located in Jimbaran Village which used to be a fishing village where local people work as fishermen in the sea. Jimbaran Village is also the location of the fish market and the main fish auction site in Badung Regency, where fresh fish can be easily obtained here.

The clean condition of Jimbaran beach and beautiful scenery make Jimbaran Beach start to be glimpsed by investors. In early 1988, Jimbaran Village began to be developed as one of the tourist areas in Bali. Hotels, resorts, villas and restaurants were built at that time. Until finally in 1992 the establishment of the Four Seasons Jimbaran hotel whose name was very popular among foreign tourists.

Hotels like Four Seasons are one of the famous hotels in various regions of the world, which are usually established in the best places in a region. Other famous five start hotel is Bali Intercontinental can find on the Jimbaran Beach and some other small nice villa, private home for rent also can find easily around Jimbaran.

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The growing development of hotels and restaurants in Jimbaran has led local communities to shift jobs from fishing fishermen to tourism workers such as hotel staff, opening food stalls or seafood restaurants, travel services, tour guides, driver. Some of the Local people also run the homestay business or join with outside partner to build villa accommodation.

Day trip at Jimbaran with Cab Bali Driver 3
Visit Jimbaran beach on the evening

What we can do at Jimbaran Bay?

Like most beaches in Bali, Jimbaran is also one of the cool and fun beaches to be enjoyed by local people who live around Jimbaran and for tourists who come to Bali. The following are some of the activities usually carried out by them:

  • Jogging
    This is one of the activities doing by local and foreigner, they walk and jogging along the beach while enjoy the view of the beach and see some plane landed and take off from the airport.
  • See Sunset
    You can wait the sunset while sitting on the beach with your family, or come walk to the local café seafood and enjoy dinner while sunset. Some café also perform dance and life music around the café.
  • Visit Fish market
    You may take walk to the market fish at the north of Jimbaran/ Kedonganan market, this market is always crowded with local people, you can buy any kind of fresh fish with reasonable price, next to market fish, we can see fisherman port with many fisherman boat.
  • Traditional ceremony event.
    For local Hindus, Jimbaran beach is also often used as a place for traditional ceremonies. Some religious rituals that are often held at Jimbaran Beach include the Melasti ceremony or purification ceremony usually a few days before Nyepi.

Thus some explanations about Jimbaran beach. If you are interested in visiting Jimbaran, please contact us for transportation services.

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