Tips Join with Bali Cab Driver on Sightseeing Tour to Kintamani 2

Tips Join with Bali Cab Driver on Sightseeing Tour to Kintamani. Good morning…

I am Gede, I will be your Bali tour  driver for today, as your booking, we are going up to Kintamani village to see the Batur Volcano and Lake Batur view. the view are gorgeous with cold temperature, but the the weather during the wet season October – April is mostly foggy, but we should reached the location in afternoon to catch a good chance to see the view, or once we arrived there still foggy, we have to wait at local restaurant while order lunch or having hot tea.

Now is 08.00 am we start from Kuta, it will take about 2 hours direct drive to Kintamani, on the way way up, we may visit spices garden at Temen or Kayuamba village, here we can walk into the garden with many kind of spices like clove, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, lemon grass, fruits and many other local spices. The local farmers also offer  free tasting of Bali coffee, ginger tea and others local drinks, and if you love to have a souvenir, you may buy some package of the product with reasonable price.
Entrance ticket at Spices garden: FREE
Parking Fee: FREE
Entrance ticket to Kintamani village: IDR 30,000/person
Parking fee : IDR 5000/car, IDR 2000/Motor bike

Open hours : 24 hours

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That is a little insight about Kintamani village.  By the way now we are at Tohpati village where along this road we found many shops galleries special selling Batik and hand weaving cloths, then drive further pass Batubulan village where we can see on both of the road full of stone carving, the stone are many imported from outside of Bali but some is come from Bali, mostly the figure like statue for Temple ornaments, but also we can see many ornaments for export or use for hotel and villa decoration.

Tips Join with Bali Cab Driver on Sightseeing Tour to Kintamani 3
Tohpati village – Batik

Also along this road we can see some antique shops for antique lover, some of those is reals antique and some also many new antique, they made the stuff looks like antique with coloring technique. do you like this village ? I’m sure you like it, if you want made stop for photo, please tell me, we are happy to give you time for photo.

Tips Join with Bali Cab Driver on Sightseeing Tour to Kintamani 4
Barong dance at Batubulan Village Gianyar

At Batubulan village also we have daily show of Barong Keris dance, the show start at 09.30-10.30 with ticket fee IDR 100,000/person, its one village with many offers to see.

Now we are drive via Celuk villages where along this main road full of shops for Silver jewellery, they made here but the raw silver are importer from other island of Indonesia, we have our unique design and many export abroad.

Later we will pass the Batuan village, if you love to see the Balinese house compound, its very interesting to visit one of the family, once we stop at the front of the house, we will find the small gate with small shrine of both side, then we will walk inside and see the wall with carving ornament as the protection of the house from evil spirit.

Well here we are at the main house, we have three separated house, north house is sleeping room for parents, west house is sleeping room for child and east open house is special for rite or ceremony events like for put the offering during birthday ceremony based on Hindhu Calendar, or use for tootfilling, wedding and cremation ceremony. At the north east direction we have our family Temple, north east where we have Mount Agung and sunrise as holly direction.

Please follow me here, we have well for family water needs and kitchen we have at south west direction, here the family still use fire woods for cooking and the kitchen wall made of Bamboo with open air system circulation. Now let’s walk to back side of the kitchen, we have some cattle like pig, duck and toilet is located here.

Mostly one family will keep one or 2 pig as the safe, everyday they feeds from the waste in the kitchen and mix with some local vegetable and every six month, one we have Galungan ceremony, the pig will be sell or slaughter by the family and share the meat with neighbour, its strong mutual and helping each other in the village. well now its time to continue our trip to Kintamani, before we leave, please give small donation to the family as we use their home as the object of visit.

Donation at Batuan house compound: As you please

Well now we direct drive to Kintamani, after 45 minutes drive, we will see many Mandorin fruits plantation, they fruits is like orange, but smaller and many local people sell along the way up to Kintamani, here we are enter Kintamani, please prepare your cash for the entrance ticket.

If you want have lunch, I will proceed to one of the restaurant for your lunch while enjoy the marvelous view, lunch price range from IDR 100,000 – 150,000/person with Indonesian buffet menu lunch, coffee, tea, fruits, local cake also served. its big lunch for the day.

Tegalalang rice terrace

Well after lunch, we will drive down via Tegalalang rice terraces, the view are gorgeous with some spot for photo, entrance ticket Tegalalang IDR 10,000/person.

Our last but not least stop at Ubud center, we give you time to explorer around the Ubud Palace and Ubud Art market if you want to have some souvenir from local sellers.

That is our trip today, we do hope you enjoy the trip with Gede today. You can read other stories on our blog page. Thank you for visiting balicabdriver.com. Don’t forget, if you want to spend your vacation in Bali, you can contact me via WhatsApp +62 878 6196 8073.

Have a nice trip and good bye.

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