BCD-301: Bali Round Trip Tour with 2 Days 1 Night Package 2

BCD-301: Bali Round Trip Tour with 2 Days 1 Night Package

Bali is known by many names by lovers traveling, some call Bali as the Island of the gods, some call the Island of Thousand Temple, some call Island of Sunrise and some call it an exotic island, Do you think that Bali worthy of that nickname? the answer is definitely yes, Bali as the Island of the Gods, because Bali is never empty of ceremonial activities, where almost every day in Bali we can see what is called upakara or rituals to worship God with all its manifestations, and Balinese people will set aside their income for that, this is why Bali known  as the Island of the Gods.

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Bali is said to be the Island of Thousand Temples, because where we travel, let’s just go to Mount, to the sea, to the river, to the fields, to the springs, we will definitely find Temple Every where, every house they have small Shrine or Temple, so in Bali we have thousands of temples that attract tourist come to Bali.

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Bali is said to be the Island of the Sunrises, because in Bali you can watch the sunrise every day in the beautiful eastern mountains that make tourists happy to Bali with its tropical temperatures, they come to all the beaches in Bali for sunbathing.

Bali as an Exotic Island, because Bali, which was known from the 1960s as a tourist destination, did offer an exotic, have you ever heard of a famous European painter named AJ Le Mayeur? He is a famous painter who once fell in love with the beauty and exoticism of the Island and finally married a Balinese girl named Ni Nyoman Polok, which made the painter fall in love with Bali, because at that time a Balinese woman wearing no top or topless  and he made his wife as an object of his painting, it’s a glimpse of Bali at that time.

That is a little review of the island of Bali. On this page we will share with tourists who come to Bali, they do not only stay in the southern part of Bali, such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran or Sanur, indeed this location is very close to Ngurah Rai International Airport, and the area is very like by tourists, because in that area tourism facilities are very complete.

If you stay in Kuta, you can find hotels from the budget one  to five-star hotels, there are many night clubs that are very close to Kuta, such as Bounty discotheque, Sky Garden, Mirror, Kudeta and other night clubs. In Kuta there are also shopping malls like Centro, Kuta Beachwalk, Matahari Kuta square, so if you live here, you can easily find shopping malls for shopping or just sightseeing. For surfers, they can easily do it on Kuta Beach which has waves that are perfect for those who like to surf while waiting for the sunset. In Kuta there are also many famous restaurants for dinner, such as Koris restaurant, Laluciola, Warisan cafe, Terrace cafe and many more.

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If you live in the Nusa Dua area, you can also easily access shopping places such as shopping in Bali collection located in the heart of Nusa Dua, where tourists who staying around this area are provided with a shuttle bus, to visit Bali collection, you also find many outlets eat inside, so you can shop while you eat. Surfers can also surf on Nusa Dua Beach and for fans of water sports, in the northern part of Nusa Dua, there are many places to play water sports, such as jet skiing, banana boats, parasailing, diving, seawalkers and others.

If you stay in Sanur, it is also very strategic, because it is quite close to the Airport and the City of Denpasar, you can easily list homestays, bungalows and five star hotels, for dinner there are also many restaurants, such as the Smorgas cafe, Mashimo, Gong restaurant and others, so You are quite a walk from the hotel and you will find many restaurants along the way, if shopping in Sanur there are Supermarket Hardys, so this place is very convenient for staying on vacation.

Besides that, in the area that I mentioned earlier, it was very easy to find a money changer, bank, ATM, cargo, rent car, which is as a supporting facilities for the comfort of tourists who on vacation in the southern part of Bali.

If you only stay in the southern Bali, it doesn’t feel complete holiday in Bali,  if you haven’t visited the northern region of Bali, where we also have a resort called Lovina Beach, this beach has black sand located in the Regency of Buleleng, with a distance of 2, 5-3 hours from Ngurah Rai airport. Which is the mainstay of tourism in Lovina Beach, there is an attraction of dolphins in the middle of the sea, where tourists who stay in Lovina can join to take part in watching dolphins in the middle of the sea while enjoy the sunrise. The location is quite near the city center of Singaraja, which is the oldest city in Bali ans used to be as the Capital city of Bali, where during the Dutch occupation, Singaraja was once used as the center of government in Bali.

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To Explore North of Bali, you should try a tour program entitled:

2 Days-1 Night Bali Amazing round trip tour

This tour will invite you to travel by private car with full air -conditioned and accompanied by one of our Bali Cab Driver who will give you warm services, and we are appointed to be a guide during our tour with us. Prepare yourself for overnight needs one night with a small bag, and we will send Bali driver to pick you up from the hotel.

After breakfast, we will go on tour with the aim to North Bali, but before that we will take you to visit the Taman Ayun Temple, which is located in Badung Regency, this temple was built in 1634 by Anak Agung Putu, this temple can be said very charming to visit because it has a very good architecture, after arriving at the park you will be escorted by Bali Cab trans experience driver to buy entrance ticket.

After getting our ticket, we will go to the first yard of the Temple, where we will go to the Wantilan Hall on the right, this function as a place of preparation for the ceremony, is also used as a meeting hall to discuss something related to the ceremony, the center functions as a cockfighting arena which is usually held during the ceremony, this is one form of blood sacrification  ceremony to reduce the power of evil.

From here we will walk to the second yard through the grass with a beautiful garden, on this second yard we have a bale kulkul or wooden bell on the tower, where the kulkul will be sounded when there is a meeting in the wantilan hall and it will be sounded if the temple festival will be start, on the right is a hall large enough to use a resting place.

Then we will walk around the third yard of this Temple, where this part is the most sacred or holliest area, visitors are forbidden to enter, this Temple is only open  for those who will pray, but visitors can walk along the paths made specifically for the tourist, from this path, we can see how beautiful this Temple is which presents several diverse Meru or Pagoda, you can take pictures from several angles to get extraordinary photo results.

This is surrounded by a very beautiful and green garden and also surrounded by a large pond, where if we look at this temple it is like being in the middle of an ocean. The word Taman Ayun is taken from the word Taman which means garden, and the word of Ayun which means beautiful, so Taman Ayun Temple can be interpreted as the most beautiful temple with a garden and a very beautiful pond.

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From here our tour continues by driving through rural areas, and we will stop by the spice garden, if we talk about spices, Indonesia is the largest producer of spices in the world, where from ancient times many Europeans traded to Indonesia and also bought spices, along with Indonesian spices that are famous and interesting for Europe to come to Indonesia, lets we talk some of spices below:

  1. Cloves
    Clove which is the Latin name Syzygium aromaticum typical of Maluku has a distinctive aroma and taste. Apart from being used in cooking, cloves are also useful for allergy to cold drugs.
  2. Pepper.
    Pepper which is famous in Indonesia is white pepper or often called pepper, with the Latin name Piper albi linn. The main producers of pepper are in Lampung and Bangka. Aside from being used as a mandatory ingredient in cooking, pepper is also useful for warming up the body and treating influenza.
  3. Cinnamon.
    Cinnamon, also called cinnamon, has a very pleasant aroma! Well, one of the benefits of cinnamon is to control blood sugar levels. Besides making the dishes delicious.
  4. Nutmeg.
    This nutmeg myristica fragrans is derived from the nutmeg plant, where nutmeg is generally processed into sweets, while the seeds are used as flavoring in cooking. Nutmeg in English called ground nutmeg is also useful to warm the body and maintain the body’s metabolism.
  5. Cardamom.
    Cardamom is commonly known to foreigners with Cardamon having the Latin name Amomum compactum. The benefits are many, besides being used as a flavoring in baking, it is also commonly used to treat coughs and colds.
  6. Andaliman
    Maybe not many know about this spice which has the Latin name Zanthoxylum acanthopodium. Well, Andaliman has a spicy taste like pepper and is usually used by the Batak people in their cooking. Because of that, Andaliman is often referred to as Batak Pepper.
  7. Secang Wood.
    Already heard of the typical Yogyakarta city, right? Now, in the wedang, a spice which has the Latin name Caesalpinia sappan L. is added. Now, this secang wood is useful as an antioxidant and diarrhea drug.
  8. Steamed.
    Already heard of the typical Yogyakarta city, right? Now, in the wedang, a spice which has the Latin name Caesalpinia sappan L. is added. Now, this secang wood is useful as an antioxidant and diarrhea drug.
  9. Turmeric.
    Also called Turmeric or Curcuma longa. Turmeric which has a distinctive yellow color is usually used as a natural dye in food. Well in terms of treatment, turmeric serves to overcome flatulence.
  10. Coriander.
    Similar to pepper, just smaller in size and slightly rough skin. So don’t make a mistake again, between pepper and coriander. Now, coriander, also called Coriander, has the Latin language Coriandrum sativum. Apart from being popular and often used as a flavoring dish, it is also useful for treating flatulence.
  11. Leaves of Salam.
    Similar to pepper, just smaller in size and slightly rough skin. So don’t make a mistake again, between pepper and coriander. Now, coriander, also called Coriander, has the Latin language Coriandrum sativum. Apart from being popular and often used as a flavoring dish, it is also useful for treating flatulence.
  12. Candlenut.
    Pecan has a distinctive savory taste. Also called Candlenut in English or Aleurites moluccanus, the Latin name is commonly used as a flavoring in a variety of dishes. Another benefit of candlenut is to treat canker sores and relieve toothache pain.
  13. Ginger.Pecan has a distinctive savory taste. Also called Candlenut in English or Aleurites moluccanus, the Latin name is commonly used as a flavoring in a variety of dishes. Another benefit of candlenut is to treat canker sores and relieve toothache pain.
  14. Lemongrass.
    All must have known about this one herb. Usually called lemon grass in English and Cymbopogon citratus in latin names. There is no doubt that the taste of the dish using lemongrass is delicious. Well, it turns out lemongrass can also be used as a mosquito repellent, because lemongrass has Sitronela content which mosquitoes don’t like.

Those are some types of spices in Indonesia and some also we have in Bali, but in our visit to the spices gardens are more to see how local farmers process raw coffee beans into ground coffee that has a savory and delicious aroma, then we can see how the process, there is the famous coffee here which results from mongoose animals, called Luwak coffee, this coffee has one that is good for the human body and the price is very expensive, so expensive is often called Bali golden coffee. Here we enjoy a cup of authentic Balinese coffee prepared specifically for all visitors.

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Our tour continues along the beauty of the island of God by passing through the countryside, rice fields, beautiful coconut trees that waved and if you see something interesting for you, do not hesitate to ask to stop to take pictures. We will go to Jatiluwih Village which is very famous at this time because this Village is designated as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Most of the area is a rice terraced area or terraces, and Bali is very well known as terracing rice fields. The area of ​​about 636 hectares of rice fields is shaped like terraces, so this area is the largest area for views of terraced rice fields in Bali. The rice field irrigation system used is Subak irrigation, which is a traditional Balinese irrigation system that is community based. This subak has a temple  to worship the goddess of prosperity or the goddess of fertility.

Jatiluwih derived from the word of Jati and Luwiah, means : really beautiful. In addition to views of terraced rice fields, you can also enjoy views of rivers, temples, or houses that are still simple. The rural atmosphere is truly natural and peaceful, you can feel at Jatiluwih Bali attractions. We can see some tourist  use a bicycle, or rent a Volkswagen car to get around in the rice fields of Jatiluwih village. Almost every day the village of Jatiluwih Penebel Tabanan is visited by domestic and foreign tourists. With the atmosphere of the countryside with the characteristics of terraced rice fields, really attract the attention of tourists. We will having lunch at one of local restaurant while enjoy the Beauty of JatiLuwih.

After lunch, we will drive pass with another rice terraces, our next stop will be at Candi kuning fruits and vegetable market, located on the edge of the main highway Bedugul area, where we can access it easily, without needing a lot of time. The Bedugul area has fertile agricultural land, and is suitable for various types of vegetables, the following crops of various types of fresh vegetables, you can find in this market. Dominant livelihoods of residents here as farmers, the results of these plantations are then channeled to traditional markets on the Island of the Gods.

Not only vegetables such as mustard greens, cauliflower, broccoli or paprika, various types of fruits such as strawberry, mango, passion fruit, papaya, mangoesten, avocado, zalacca, corn and various types of spices can be found in Pasar Candi Kuning. A variety of fresh fruit, can be as souvenirs or as a dessert for lunch after being in the hotel. Many tourists visit here, because the market appearance is quite interesting with your various needs.

As other souvenirs, various snacks such as various chips are also offered cheaply and affordable, of course with the process of bargaining, as well as other Balinese souvenirs such as T-shirts, pants, gloves, bed covers, slippers, knick-knacks, masks and wall decoration like in Sukawati Market, you can even find a variety of ornamental plants, look so harmonious in the cool environment of the mountains.

Wow … it turns out that the market is quite complete, although it is not quite extensive, you can find a variety of needs for souvenirs, making it the right shopping destination. So for souvenir needs not only is dominated by Sukawati or Krisna art markets. In Candi Kuning you can find more diverse items.

The market conditions are clean and the merchandise is neatly arranged, beautifully formed with a combination of colorful fruits and vegetables, different from other traditional markets. That is why at first glance we feel tempted to take a closer look at this place.  Other favorite  food like by local is boiled sweet corn and peanut, this kind of food can grab by local who pass this road as many sellers stand up side of the road  and offers to everyone.

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Afterward, we will driver another five minutes and stop Pura Ulun Danu Beratan: This  is a Hindu holy place located at the end of Beratan lake, which is located in the tourist area of ​​Bedugul. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a very famous Hindu holy temple on the island of Bali and when the lake of Bratan rises / pairs then the temple of Ulun Danu will look like floating on water.

The history of the Ulun Danu Bratan temple can be seen based on archeological data and historical data contained in the ejection of the Mengwi babad. Based on the archaeological data found and located on the front page of Ulun Danu Bedugul Temple, there are relics of historical objects such as a stone sarcophagus and stone boards which are thought to have existed since megalithic times, around 500 BC.

The two artifacts have hitherto been placed on the terrace page (babaturan) of Ulun Danu temple. It can be estimated that the location in Ulun Danu Beratan Temple has been used as a place to hold rituals since the era of the megalithic tradition on the island of the gods.

Based on the Babad Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu as the founder of the Mengwi kingdom had established a temple at the end of Beratan lake before he founded the Taman Ayun temple, not explained in the lontar babad Mengwi when exactly he founded Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, but explained about the establishment Taman Ayun temple and its ceremony on the day of Anggara Medangsia Kliwon, year Çaka 1556 (in 1634 AD).

Based on the description of the Mengwi chronicle it is known that Ulun Danu Bratan temple was established before the year Saka 1556 by I Gusti Agung Putu. Since the founding of the temple, Mengwi’s kingdom has become peaceful and prosperous and the community has dubbed him “I Gusti Agung Sakti”

The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple complex consists of 5 temples and one Buddhist stupa:

  1. Penataran Agung Temple:
    Penataran Agung Temple can be seen when passing Bentar Temple (separate Gate) towards Beratan. This temple serves to worship the greatness of God in His manifestations as Tri Purusha Siwa, namely Shiva, Sada Siwa, and Parama Siwa to invoke the gift of fertility, prosperity, human welfare, and for the balance of the universe.
  2. Dalem Purwa Temple:
    Inside this temple, there are 3 main Templ or Pelinggih Dalem Purwa, as a place to worship Goddess Durga and Dewa Rudra who are worshiped as sources of prosperity, Bale Murda Manik (Bale Pemaruman) as a place for parum / meeting / discussion, and Bale Panjang as a place to put down the ceremony offerings. Pelinggih in this temple faces east which is located on the southern edge of Lake Beratan.
  3. Taman Beji Temple:
    This temple serves to perform the Ngebejiang ceremony (ritual purification of ceremonial facilities), and to invoke Tirta (holy water). in Pura Beji Park also serves as a place for Melasti (Hindu cleansing and cleansing ceremony in Bali) for the surrounding community and local residents.
  4. Lingga Temple Plot:
    This temple is often referred to as Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, and this temple image is also found on the Note of our IDR 50,000. Inside the Lingga Temple, this plot contains a sacred well that stores Tirta Ulun Danu (Holy Water Ulun Danu). Apart from that, in this temple there is also a white phallus flanked by red stones and black stones. Lingga Petak Temple (Pura Ulun Danu Bratan) is believed to be the main source of fertility water from Lake Beratan. There are 2 pelinggih here, namely pelinggih which has a roof / overlapping eleven (Pelinggih Meru Tumpang Solas) facing south, and pelinggih which has 3 overlays / roofs (Pelinggih Meru Tumpang Telu), each of which faces the four corners of the wind direction
  5. Prajapati Temple:
    Prajapati Temple is located under a large banyan tree, this temple serves as the Goddess Durga. Pelinggih faces west and becomes the first temple to be seen after passing through the entrance ticket before entering the Bratan lake area.

In the Ulun Danu Bratan Temple area, there is also a Buddhist Stupa. This stupa signifies harmony in religious life. This Buddhist stupa faces southward which is located outside of the main area of ​​the Ulun Danu Beratan temple complex.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul is very famous for its beauty which makes this place a favorite tourist spot on the island of Bali. Not far from the location of the temple there are several accommodations such as hotels, villas, restaurants for the convenience of tourists, there is also a large parking lot and souvenir shops to meet the needs of tourists visiting tourist attractions.

Then we drive up hill and can stop on side of the main street to feeds the monkey and see the Buyan Lake view, our next stop at Gitgit Waterfall: The highest waterfall with natural surroundings. From the parking area you need to walk down about one kilometer along the path with many shops offering handicrafts and souvenirs. Many plantations growing on the both side of the path  include fertile rice fields, cloves, coffee, papaya, vanilla and cocoa plantations. The waterfall About 60 – 70 meters high with greater water flow during the rainy season.

From Gitgit , we will drive via Singaraja city town, Our last stop will be at Lovina, we will proceed check in at one of the hotel at Lovina, if we arrived earlier, we may see sunset. Enjoy your evening at the hotel, dinner will be served at the hotel.

Next early morning around 06.00 am, we will joining on the morning dolphin tour, we will ride traditional fishing boats that are motorized, and we will sail to the middle of the sea to watch dolphins that will usually surface the sea with their hordes, they will jump and dance as if to welcome the beautiful morning and welcome the sunrise, our boat will spin look for the position of dolphins, and we will follow them if we have found the horde. prepare your camera if they appear. After the tour is over, we will go back to the hotel to take a shower and have breakfast and we will continue our tour.

After breakfast, we will continue our tour to  on of one of the biggest Budhist Temple in Bali called Brahmana Arama Wihara: One of them is the temple of a place of worship for Buddhists, if you visit the North Bali region or Buleleng Regency there is the largest temple in Bali named Brahmavihara – Arama. This temple was built in 1969, was completed in 1970, then in the next 3 years was inaugurated as a Buddhist monastery. Now it is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali.

Brahmavihara – Arama, built by Bante Girri Rakhito Mahatera, located in the village of Banjar Tegeha, district of Banjar, Buleleng Regency, so that it is also known as the Banjar Buddhist Temple. For tourists, this place turned out to be quite interesting, not only as a place of worship of the people but became one of the attractions in the Buleleng district. Moreover, this spot is about 11 km from Lovina tourist attraction which is a recreational place watching dolphin attractions in the wild, and also adjacent to the Banjar hot spring bathing attraction, so if you are scheduled to tour North Bali, then it would be a pity if did not visit this largest temple in Bali.

The location of the temple is on a hillside plateau, its location is comfortable, quiet and calm and the scenery around it is beautiful, from a distance you can see the natural scenery of the sea coast of Lovina. Not surprisingly, this place was chosen as a holy place to get peace, and ideal for meditation activities. The architecture of the temple building also does not leave behind Balinese architectural characteristics, in this area Borubudur mini temple is also built, so that it appears more beautiful and attractive, making tourists become curious and want to know more closely, especially for those who like spiritual tourism especially for meditation and find calm then Brahmavihara – Arama, can be a further tourist destination.

After experiencing expansion, Brahmavihara – Arama now covers an area of ​​around 4 hectares managed by the Girirakkhito Mahathera Foundation. As embedded with this monastery name consists of 3 words, namely; Brahma, Vihara and Arama, the word Brahma means noble, praiseworthy and great, the word vihara means the way of life while arama means place. So the meaning of Brahmavihara – Arama is a place to train yourself and forge noble and noble behavior. This temple is one of the meditation centers in Indonesia

Broadly speaking, Brahmavihara – Arama is divided into 5 complexes, the first is the Gara Uposatha in the western complex, which is a quiet and comfortable part, there is a sculpture carved by the Buddha until it reaches nirvana, this place serves as a blessing for prospective monks. Both parts of the East side have a study room called Dharmasala, where monks conduct devotionals and spiritual activities. The third complex is a Stupa, located in the North West, a large bell stands here inside the stupa, there are objects that are said to belong to the Buddha. In the direction of the Southwest corner there is a Bodhi Tree which is a symbol of the Buddha’s victory, in this place visitors can do meditation. And the last building complex is Kuti, as a place to live, training monks in studying.

Brahmavihara – Arama is well arranged surrounded by beautiful gardens and a number of Buddha statues scattered on every corner of the yard, the atmosphere is so calm, beautiful and comfortable, moreover the existence of the mini Borobudur temple in this area makes it look more charming, so it can be an alternative destination for tourists who need the nuances of peaceful nature, especially those who want to meditate, Brahmavihara – Arama will be an ideal place. Every day there are visitors who want to get to know this tourist attraction in North Bali closer and some do meditation. The peak visit is of course during the Vesak holiday which is a Buddhist holy day.

In general, Brahmavihara – Arama has the following functions; as a place of prayer for Buddhists, the abode of monks, a place of meditation, exploring and developing spirituality and social facilities.

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Ou next stop at Banjar Hot spring; This Banjar hot spring tourist attraction is quite popular in Buleleng Regency and is known by tourists. In addition to Banjar hot water, in Bali its elf there are a number of natural hot springs which are also functioned as baths, recreation areas and healing therapies, some of which include Angseri, Penatahan, Belulang hot waterfalls located in Tabanan and Toya Bungkah Regencies in Bangli District. These places complement the list of tourist attractions in Bali, thus adding to the choice of tourists in arranging tour events in Bali.

Banjar Hot Spring is more visited by tourists, especially those who stay in the North Bali region such as Lovina, the distance is closer, but if you are in the South such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur or near the airport, then you can package the tour program with visit a number of tourist attractions located in one tour trip. The purpose of the tour in Bali, the most popular with the tourist area of ​​North Bali is Lovina which is famous for dolphin treats in the wild, then you can package the next tour to the Banjar hot spring for relaxation then proceed to the Gitgit waterfall and to the lake attractions Beratan Bedugul.

The appeal of Banjar hot springs, indeed quite calculated, is a compulsory tourist destination in the North Bali region. The existence of this natural hot spring has been known for hundreds of years, even at the time of the occupation of the Japanese army in Bali, it has been used as a bathing place, this area is well laid out, shelter ponds are equipped with warm water jets, so that you can enjoy bathing the warmth of the water, can feel the pouring of hot water. Also surrounded by parks neatly arranged, so that visitors feel at home for long.

Banjar hot spring has 3 ponds, including; the first pool is located at the top with a pool length of about 12 meters and a width of 1.5 meters, a depth of 1 meter, has 8 showers, then the second pool is located under the first pool, quite around 12 x 10 square meters, the first pond the pancoran fruit goes to this second pool, the depth varies from 1 meter near the castor to 2 meters, so children need to be supervised.

The third hot spring pool is separated from the first and second pools, the pool is shallow but has 3 castings with a height of about 3 meters, so that the hot water from the three pancoran provides natural body therapy, such as relaxation massage.

After bathing, trip continue drive via village and stop  Busungbiu rice terracing village :
This rice terrace in Kekeran Busungbiu village is so special, especially for those who live in urban areas, the green scenery in this area is certainly able to make your mind fresh again, the natural atmosphere fresh, natural and amazing can complement the list of objects tours in the North Bali region or Buleleng. Its beautiful nature can be aligned with the views of rice fields in Tegalalang and Jatiluwih, but unfortunately the location is not on the tourist route, so it is still rare for the tourists or travel agents to schedule tours to this area.

If you schedule a tour to North Bali via Busungbiu, then through Pupuan there are a number of unidirectional tourist attractions that you can visit including, views of terraced rice fields in Pupuan Belimbing village, Mekori Luhur Temple, Sleeping Buddha Statue then arrive at Kekeran village, Busungbiu, from the edge of the highway, you can take a break to watch the natural beauty of terraced rice fields that spread wide, a tourist attraction in Bali that is amazing and rarely can you find, especially the nature that is calm and still quiet visitors, making you more free.

In the Busungbiu terraced rice field area there are also a number of gazebos, where visitors or motorized riders rest to just let go of fatigue. Sit relax, feel the fresh rural air, in front of the expanse of terraced rice fields with symmetrical plots looks so beautiful, this area looks so green soothing, besides the view of rice fields, views of green hills filled with trees can be seen blending beautifully with the surrounding nature. This tourist attraction in Buleleng can be a new offer for tourists or tour travel agents who will package tour packages in the direction of North Bali.

For visitors to the Busungbiu terraced rice field attractions, besides relaxing to let go of fatigue, you can also take selfies with beautiful natural scenery, there is also a stage, which can be used to enjoy the surrounding nature to be more flexible, beautiful plots of rice fields, waving nyiur trees and a river flowing clear in the middle of rice fields into a special and amazing scenery, the beauty of the natural panorama is even more perfect when you see farmers who are working well regulating the flow of irrigation known as subak, or when harvesting or working on their fields, a natural life unpretentious countryside that can be immortalized, our Bali Cab team will be with if you want take photo with your beloved one.

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From here, we will drive via countryside, pass coffee plantation and take short stop at Belimbing rice terraces:

Belimbing Village is not very popular compared to Tegalalang and Jatiluwih attractions, but believes the beauty of the terraced rice fields offered in Belimbing village can be compared to the two popular tourist attractions, especially in this place the atmosphere is more calm and peaceful because less tourist at this area. If you need a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can enjoy the other side of the island of Bali, Belimbing village will be able to provide a different holiday experience for you.

Belimbing Village is at an altitude of 500 – 600 meters above sea level, so the village area is quite cool, making various tropical plants grow well in Belimbing village, so it is not surprising that the impression of green will be felt when you are here, especially accompanied the natural beauty of its terraced rice fields is very eye-soothing. The area of ​​Belimbing village itself has a hilly character with a valley drained by a number of rivers, in addition to the stretch of rice fields in this village there are also plantations such as clove, cocoa, and vegetables.

There are many things that you can enjoy in Belimbing village, Pupuan, besides rice fields there are also two waterfalls which are also tourist destinations namely Singsing Sade waterfall and Singsing Benben waterfall, trekking enjoying the peaceful rural atmosphere accompanied by a stretch of terraced rice fields and continuing watching a waterfall tourist attraction, will provide a complete experience when you schedule tours and tours with the aim of Belimbing village, so this Belimbing Village is now being developed into one of the tourist villages in Bali.

Belimbing Village, Pupuan has 8 banjar areas including; Belimbing Desa, Banjar Beniti, Tegal Belimbing, Pemundungan, Belimbing Anyar, Blahtibah, and Duren Taluh and Suradadi all offer amazing rural nature, the farms and plantations owned by Belimbing village become a mainstay for the economy in this village and make it a tourist village that deserves to be enjoyed by tourists. Meanwhile, tourists who come to Belimbing village are more predominantly foreign tourists, but slowly this area has begun to be known including in the future domestic tourists will make Belimbing village a mandatory tour destination in Bali.

Belimbing Village is still rarely visited by tourists, so to promote it also seems quite important, unfortunately this good tourism potential is just passed away. Currently there are still not many travel agents, tour guides or tour guides who direct their tour to this place unless there is a direct demand from tourists, perhaps because there are not too many popular tourist destinations in the direction of Belimbing village in Pupuan. Those of you who like trekking enjoy this beautiful natural beauty, Belimbing tourism village is ready to give you the best choice.

To find this place, if you plan to go to North Bali or Buleleng Regency, through Pupuan sub-district, you will cross the Antosari – Pupuan highway. If from the direction of Denpasar about 50 km, entering the Belimbing village area you will be greeted by a stretch of terraced rice fields, ready to make you amazed. In this area a number of tourist objects are located in the same direction including the Sleeping Buddha Statue at the Vihara Dharma Giri Pupuan, the Mekori Sublime temple and the Shiva Temple which is a place of worship for Hindus.

Lunch will be served at one of the local restaurant around Blimbing area. Afterwards tour will be continued to Alas Kedaton Monkey forest, where we can see the monkey with some fruits bat hanging around the jungle tree and trip will be ended at Tanah Lot Sea Temple, this temple are known for best spot to see sunset, thousands of local and foreigner tourist will crowd this object  from day to evening. Dinner will be served at one of the local restaurant before transferred back to your hotel.

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BCD-301: Bali Round Trip Tour with 2 days – 1 night Package itinerary

Day 1 : Jatiluwih – North Bali Tour 
Departure : 08.00 AM
Tour Highlight :

  • Taman Ayun : Visit The Royal Family Temple from 1634
  • Bali Coffee Spices Garden
  • Jatiluwih : See an amazing rice terraces of World Heritage.
  • Lunch at Local Restaurant
  • Candi Kuning : Visit Vegetable & Fruist Market
  • Lake Beratan : Visit The Lake Temple of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
  • Gitgit : Visit One of the Waterfall at North of Bali.
  • Lovina : Overnight at one of the hotel at Lovina area
  • Dinner will be served at the hotel.

Day 2 : Morning Dolphin – Pupuan- Tanah Lot Tour 
Departure : 08.30 AM
Tour Highlight :

06.00 : Early morning wake up to join Morning Dolpin tour.
07.30 : Back to hotel for breakfast
08.30 : Depart from Hotel, then going for sightseeing with below stop:

  • Brahma Arama Wihara: The Biggest Buddhist Temple at North of Bali.
  • Banjar Hot Spring: Take Bath at the Natural Hot Spring pool at Banjar village
  • Busungbiu: Stop for enjoy a marvelous view of Busungbiu rice terraces
  • Blimbing: Stop for enjoy amazing view of Blimbing rice terraces
  • Lunch at Local restaurant.
  • Alas Kedaton: The Sacred Sanctuary Monkey forest
  • Tanah Lot: Famous See Temple known for amazing sunset.
  • Dinner will be served at local restaurant, after dinner, transfer back to hotel.

Special PRICE 

🧔 Adult – USD 140/person
👦 Child (3-11 yo) – USD 120/person


  • Airport return pick up services.
  • Hotel pick up with Fully air-conditioned private car.
  • English speaking-Driver.
  • All entrance ticket and donation at scheduled stop.
  • Meals as per tour itinerary (L:Lunch, D:Dinner )
  • Mineral water during tour.
  • Free Sarong when enter the Temple.
  • Government tax.
  • 01 Night stay accommodation at 3/4 star hotel with sharing room Includes daily Breakfast.

What to Bring ? 

  • Air ticket
  • Travel document.
  • Porter.
  • Laundry, mini bar.
  • Drinks.
  • Airport tax
  • Tips for Driver.
  • Other personal expenses.


  • Minimum 2 adult is required to join this tour.
  • For single traveler additional 50% charge.
  • Child from 3- 11 years with Sharing bed with Parents.
  • Infant 1-2 years is FREE.
  • Reasonable and fair price, that means NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • Payment either in USD, Rupiah, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates.
  • Payment by Online Paypal Credit Card with 4% extra charge.
  • Private tour, means there is no other participant, just you and your companion.
  • If you book without Hotel, Breakfast will not included in the package and Payment can settle once we meet in Bali Airport.
  • If you book package with hotel, we need 50% deposit by Online payment and the balance will collected once we meet in Bali Airport.
  • The package rate with hotel is not valid during high season: July-August / peak Season : December-January

BCD-301: Bali Round Trip Tour with 2 Days 1 Night Package 1


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  2. Fill with hotel name if you already choose hotel, so we will not missed the pick up, if not just leave it blank.
  3. After we received your Tour or Activity booking request we will reconfirm again your booking request, to make sure all request is correct.
  4. Happy Holiday with Bali Cab Driver service.

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