The Unique and Loveable Underwater Tour in Bali 2

Water sport is one of the fun and thrilling activities to do when you are in Bali. Especially when you visit the beaches here.

There are easy water sports in Bali such as riding a banana boat, rolling doughnut or riding jet ski together with a professional jet motorbike rider.

Besides that, there are also extreme water sports like rafting, snorkeling, kite-surfing, and sub wing. All of these sports, willy-nilly, examine your courage and guts.

Anyone who dares to do extreme water sports must be satisfied because their adrenaline hormone works well.

Fun water sports to do in Bali

Among these easy and extreme water sports, there are unique and fun water sports to do. It is unique for the players even do not have to have diving skills or diving certificate to do this.

You can enjoy the underwater scenery as freely as if it were the habitat you live in everyday life. You can bring your habit to ride a scooter on land to under the sea. Well, this could be your private tour in Bali, right?

The Unique and Loveable Underwater Tour in Bali 3


Sea Walker Sanur

You cannot swim or dive, but you want to enjoy the underwater scenery in Sanur beach? So, why don’t you join exploring underwater life through sea walker water sport?

Put the Sea Walker tour at Sanur Beach into your private tour in Bali list from now on.

You and all sea walker group will be escorted by the instructor into the underwater. The instructor will guide you to walk underwater throughout the sea walker session.

Before the session begins, you will be asked to wear a specifically designed helmet. The helmet that is connected to the hose from the pontoon sea walker will flow pure oxygen. This makes it possible for you to breath underwater as if you were on the land.

Your hair and face won’t get wet for about 30 minutes underwater. That’s why this water sport is very unique.

The Unique and Loveable Underwater Tour in Bali 4

Riding Scooter in Serangan Beach

You might need a new experience in underwater exploration. You should try the underwater riding scooter on Serangan Beach.

You don’t need to have diving or swimming skills. Even those of you who can’t ride motorbike or scooter on land can also try this water sport.

You will ride a special underwater vehicle in the form of a scooter that carries an oxygen tube to breathe. The equipment used is of an international standard, so it is safe for all participants.

The professional instructor will also be with you during an underwater scooter ride session.

Don’t forget to have this unique and fun water sport in your next private tour in Bali with our Bali driver.

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