The Terrace Rice Field Tours in Bali 2

Bali tourism is not only about beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. There are so many amazing natural panoramas on the island which rich of this cultural element.

One of the tours that need to be put in your bucket list is a terrace rice field tour.

Why Bali terrace rice field tour?

A row of green scenery in Bali will immediately ambush you when you arrive at the rice field. The atmosphere here is tranquil with cool air and away from the usual hustle and bustle.

To reach this place, it is good for you to have a Bali private tour driver. This will be comfortable for you and the whole travel group.

The driver can also guide you during the trip. You can also ask him about many things like how the terrace rice field is formed, how the people around it, the culture, and everything related to this natural beauty tour.

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Belimbing rice terrace
Belimbing rice terrace in Tabanan Regency, Bali

Belimbing Village 

Belimbing Village is in Tabanan. As we know that Tabanan has the greatest rice field areas in Bali. Belimbing village is indeed developing into a tourism village like other villages in Tabanan Regency.

Belimbing village is located at an altitude of 500-600 meters above sea level. No wonder if the air temperature is quite cool and hilly.

Most of the local people here are farmers who plant various kinds of tropical plants. Wherever you go, you will always meet the rice fields, vegetable plantation, clove, and cocoa plantations.

In this village, there are other natural tourism objects such as Singsing Angin Waterfall, Soka Beach, and Sleeping Buddha Temple.

Jatiluwih rice terrace
Jatiluwih rice terrace

Jatiluwih Terrace Rice Fields 

This is the rice terrace field with a marvelous view which UNESCO has designated as a World Heritage.

Jatiluwih terrace rice field is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Batukaru Mountain is the closest neighbor of this rice terrace field.

The air around is very cool. You can enjoy the green scenery while filling your lungs with this refreshing air.

You and your Bali driver for hire should come here when the farmers start planting rice in the morning.

Tegalalang rice terrace

Tegalalang Terrace Rice Field

Ubud has a terrace rice field that as beautiful as the terrace rice fields in Tabanan and any other areas of Bali.

This rice field is also known as the Ceking Rice Terrace as it is located in Ceking Hamlet. Its rice field is neatly tiled.

When we see from above, it just looks like a ladder covered with green rice plants. A row of palm trees filled the Tegalalang area.

Well, you must take pictures with the background of Tegalalang rice terrace.

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