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Bali is not only famous for its beaches and water sports. People around the world know very well that Bali has a charm that is not possessed by other islands.

Even among the many natural charms are located in hidden places that have not been touched by humans. One of the charms in Bali is the villages and their traditional life of local people.

There are so many villages in Bali. It is too bad if we go to Bali without ever landing on these villages. What about having a village tour in Bali on your next holiday? It must be a priceless trip you will have had on your bucket list.

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Pengelipuran Village

Pengelipuran village is a traditional village which is a role model for other villages in Bali. The atmosphere here is calm, quiet, with cool and fresh air, green scenery and whatever you think about a village is laying here.

The name of this village is taken from two words, ‘pengeling’ and ‘pura’, which according to the local language means ‘to remember the ancestral shrine’.

Pengelipuran village used to be called Kubu Bayung Village. Many residents now come from the village of Bayung Gede in Kintamani.

The local people here create harmony by always keeping the cleanliness of the surrounding and grandeur of their cultural philosophy.

This 112-hectare village has 234 household heads with a total population of almost 1.000 people. They live in typical of rural villages local houses which have the same architecture. The shape of the gate called Angkul-angkul also looks the same with a pretty garden as ornaments.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

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Cepung Waterfall

Accompanied by your Bali private driver, you can visit Tukad Cepung Waterfall. This waterfall is located in a hidden area where you do not need to pay an entrance ticket.

Only tip money for local people who help preserve this untouched waterfall.

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Your Bali private driver can also inform you well about this rare waterfall in Bangli. You can enjoy the rare view of this waterfall from a cave under a circular cliff.

As if you were witnessing two-way communication between the nature around the waterfall and the sun emitting its light entering through the cave hole.

It’s beautiful.

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