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Bali Yoga Retreat: Jivamukti

Many people in the world already know about Bali. This island is indeed a complete package as a world tourist destination. Almost everything you want is available on the Island of the Gods. Aside from its amazingly beautiful nature, its combination with art and culture adds to the value of tourism. In addition, many tourists from Asia, Europe and America travel to Bali with the aim of exploring yoga.

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Bali Spirit Festival

Understanding Yoga Technique

Yoga techniques often differ based around the yoga exercise style that you make use of. They are specific and arranged according to a certain level of psychological and religious development, as well as towards the physical condition of the practitioner.

You ought to study yoga techniques beneath the immediate supervision of a skilled master or teacher, so that you comprehend the correct approach and also you have someone to present you exactly where you are making mistakes. Spiritual development generally relies upon around the presence of the master.!

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In addition to the asanas or yoga exercise postures, you will have to study various respiratory methods. This kind of yoga techniques support the power circulation and lead to the enhancement of your religious awareness.

It’s recognized that motivation and expiration have each a specific function within the energy circulation, by learning the way to control breathing, you actually start operating with your living force. And our vital power brings towards the development of psychic consciousness. It doesn’t occur immediately, however the more you practice, the more you progress.

What is Jivamukti?

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David Life & Sharon Gannon

Jivamukti represents a modern style of yoga that aims at liberation while living. The origins of this yoga style appeared in 1984 in New York. The founders, David Life and Sharon Gannon, were interested in applying yoga philosophy to daily life so that more people could start enjoying the benefits.

Jivamukti yoga spread pretty quickly around the United States, and presently, there are numerous studios and gyms that offer classes. If you embark on a Jivamukti journey, you’ll discover an immense reservoir of new experiences lying right within your reach.

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Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti is considered a very intense yoga style. There are several aspects to follow in each class, particularly as there is a unique theme established per session. You’ll get familiar with yoga scriptures, learn chanting and meditation, perform body postures and breathing techniques, as well as listen to music.

Jivamukti techniques have won over many Hollywood stars, eager to give a true meaning to an existence accomplished from a materialistic point of view.

You will want to know whether Jivamukti is the right choice for you. The only way to decide is to do a bit of reading, view some videos and go to a class or two before you decide whether it matches your individuality or not.

The part that many people enjoy is the combination of intense physical workout with chanting and philosophizing. These make yoga more appealing to the spirit above anything else. You should also know that Jivamukti pleads for veganism, environmentalism and animal rights.

As for the study of scriptures, there are four main texts that Jivamukti focuses on: the Yoga Sutras of Patajali, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. You’ll find inter-religious understanding and tolerance, in fact, the actual purpose of yoga practice should help you transcend any form of discrimination and enter a more peaceful inner realm. The only thing that matters here is devotion, which makes a fundamental part of Jivamukti yoga.

Last but not least, non-violence or non-harming is another of Jivamukti ‘commandments’ which is nothing else than an expression of the basic principle that should guide a yogi’s life. Non-violence is the form by which one should relate to his/her fellow human beings.

It is important to understand all the Jivamukti principles in a broader sense, so that you are comfortable with veganism, non-violence or devotion out of personal conviction and without making an effort. If you become a vegan just to fit into a description, you’re missing the point and only repress your desires.

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Instead just practice Yoga in Bali, You also must spend your day our to see the beauty of this Paradise island. Explore the stunning Temple View with Sunset, spend night at Kuta with night life is something for your holiday.

Or Maybe spend a day with endangered Animal at Bali Safari Marine Park Gianyar Bali is another option you must try with your holiday partner.

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