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Enjoy The Warmth of Sunshine in The Morning after You Wake Up in The Hotel Tandjung Sari Sanur

Tandjung Sari Hotel is a 26-bungalow take a trip retreat steeped in old whole world fascination on the shores of the peaceful fishing village of Sanur. The private property has grew from classic Balinese architectural basics and local components with thatched roofs and very simple stonework to establish an unique visual image of a personal society.

Tandjung Sari Sanur sustains the private ambiance of a very own family surroundings. The guests get into a world of serenity and are seen over by tactful Indonesian crew persistent to making sure that every single stay is one of solace and relief.

The scale of the rest of the complex was consciously kept low rise and the articulation of location together with the going on indirectness of the path ways has lead to a refreshed, leisurely step.

The Tandjung Sari Foundation is set up to cultivate and keep the existence of Balinese creative works of wonderful quality and advantage. The foundation has thought the role of the ‘banjar’ or community core where the classic heritage of the Balinese is passed on on to every latest generation.

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The Rooms of Tandjung Sari Hotel

There are several categories of room in Tandjung Sari Hotel. Village Bungalow is placed in the midst the gardens, along with its private traditional bale. The huge master bedroom and living area includes a king size bed and 2 sofas, convertible to single beds. A great bathroom leads to an individual open-air shower, in the tree-lined yard. Village Bungalow ‘Baru’ is currently repaired of village bungalow.

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Hotel Tandjung Sari

Two-storey Bungalow is the upstairs main bedroom with queen size bed has windows on 3 side walls, making the most of sights into the gardens. The living room with queen size day bed, outfitting room and bathroom are all effectively set downstairs.

Garden Sea View Bungalow is placed after classical Balinese doors, awaits a very own bungalow. The protected terrace and open-air seating area at the front leads sea views. The great master bedroom has a queen size bed. The luxurious of both an indoor bathroom and classical outdoor shower in the individual courtyard is a must.

Get there your privately owned Garden Bungalow all the way through antique Balinese doors. Throughout the privately owned yard and covered patio awaits the ground floor master bedroom with queen size bed. For garden views, rest in the upper level living room.

Enter throughout the typical Balinese doors in Beach Bungalow to get the main bedroom and bathroom positioned on the ground floor. A classic outside shower is positioned in the personal yard. For amazing ocean views find delight in the upstairs living room. The open and clear patio with open-air seating leads to views of the gardens.

All under one roofing, two different bedrooms, named Twin Bedroom Bungalow, one that contain a queen size bed and the other which contained 2 twin beds, each individual consists of their own en-suite bathroom. A protected veranda takes you to private garden.

Family Bungalow is two bedrooms, the two with typical Balinese doors, features king size beds and personal en-suite bathrooms. The living and dining areas are also positioned on the ground floor. Feel ocean views from the out-of-doors living area upper level, complete with an outdoor patio and protected with a porch. A large garden in front of the bungalow gives for privacy.

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The Pool

It’s very good location for your getaway by going to stay in Hotel Tandjung Sari, a hotel by the sea, with white sand and clear blue water.

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