Bali Holiday Tips: Crafting Holiday Calendars 2

Tips for Holiday Activity

Holidays can be used by vacationing in Bali with a tropical feel. The island of Bali provides many things for you when spending a long vacation with friends by visiting famous tourist attractions or doing adventure activities.

However, if you do not want to take a vacation at this time, there are still other fun activities that you can do at home. One of them is to make a holiday calendar. Hopefully your dream of being able to vacation on the island of Bali can be reached someday.

Bali Holiday Tips: Crafting Holiday Calendars 3

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Crafting holiday calendars

Have you got a knack for craft? Want to spend a couple of hours making something special for a special someone? Wish to decorate your kitchen walls with deco made by you? Sick of the same old conventional decorations?

If the answer is ‘yes’ for any of the above, you are indeed reading the right article. Crafting your own holiday calendars is great fun.

No more will you have to look for an eye catching calendar online or put up with waking up to a boring bold lettered back and white calendar or a calendar with the latest supermodels you hate.

In order to make your own holiday calendars, you must first come up with an idea. Your idea must be doable. Crafting holiday calendars with clay or paper are environmental friendly methods of producing something very attractive.

Clay, as you know, can be converted into practically anything and so can paper.

One great idea for holiday calendars made of clay include putting in different deigns for each day. This can be simply done by,

  • Marking off dates on squares of equal area, on a hard board
  • Making various two-dimensional items in accordance with your calendar month (for example, making little clay Christmas decorations such as a Christmas tree, stars, holly leaves, Christmas stockings and reindeer antlers, for the month of December) and sticking them all over the holiday calendar.
    These little decorations will only take minutes to make, but will look like you have put a lot of effort into making your own holiday calenders.
  • Mark special days with special decorations – for instance, you can mark your anniversary with a clay heart or a birthday with a tiny clay cake
  • Do the finishing touched with glitter, sequins, ribbons and whatever else you please

Even if the above idea sounds simple, once done, makes great gift for anyone. You can also design your own holiday calendars according to a theme. A punk rock holiday calendar with stripped hearts, skulls, blotches of clay blood and tiny paper girls in tutus will make an ideal deco for a teenager’s wall.

A soccer themed holiday calendar can be made out of paper cutouts of your favorite soccer players and two-dimensional soccer balls.

A great idea for a holiday calendar for kids is to stick candy on different dates. The kids can then mark the date by eating the attached candy. This is also skill training for them where they learn to wait patiently for 24 hours to eat the next candy.

Bali Holiday Tips: Crafting Holiday Calendars 4
Calendar for Kids

You can encourage children themselves, to make their own special holiday calendars. Holiday calendars are great fun to make. You just need to take some extra minutes to test your creative genes.

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