How To Choose Bali Driver for Hire? 2

Do you always feel confused when you just arrive at the airport in one tourist destination? You just came out and get confused about how to reach the hotel. You wanted to take a taxi, but anxiety immediately ambushed. You may afraid of being given a high price or given a long route.

So, the taxi fare is so expensive. It often happens for you who only ever come to the city once and do not know everything about this city. Even though you have maps in your mobile application. It’s not that easy to reprimand such ignorant drivers, right?

Fortunately, this thing won’t happen in Bali. Because Bali has many fleets that coordinate many trusted private drivers that you can hire during your tour in Bali. Once you come out of the airport, you will be welcomed soon by Bali’s private driver that you have hired before.

You can order the private driver in Bali through the website www.balicabdriver.com. You can find all the ways how to have Bali driver for hire here. They do not only provide skilled, professional, and courteous personal drivers but also provide many tour packages for you.

A trusted private driver will accompany you to the destination according to your choice. You can just order via email, Whatsapp, and website during office hours.

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Flexible Time

The Bali driver for hire doesn’t just pick you up at the airport or drop you off at the hotel. They will also take you to the other tourism objects that you want to visit, guide you a little while being there, and will certainly show you where to enjoy the best Balinese food and craft centers where you can satisfy souvenir shopping for those who wait at home.

The private driver will carry you to any places you wish as long as you’re in Bali. Maybe you are too boring to spend the night at the hotel, why don’t you choose the tour package to sleep in the middle of the wildlife?

Mara Lodge River on Bali Safari Park offers the sensation of sleeping in the middle of the jungle with a herd of animals that roam freely. Your Bali driver for hire is always ready to take you to that thrilling but exciting place.

Round Trip with Bali Driver For Hire

Bali is blessed with beautiful and impressive places. Some of them are scenic spots such as beaches, sea, mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, and canyons. Bali is also well-known as the city of God. There are places of worship such as temples and shrines here.

Every corner of the city or villages must be a place of remembrance to always remember the Creator, the Gods, and ancestors with the steps of the temple arranged in such a way according to the culture and influence of their respective beliefs.

Doing a day or two round trips to those places must be fun. It will be an enjoyable experience that you have never had before. You can use the Bali driver for hire services from Bali Cab Driver. They usually provide several travel packages options. You can choose your destination, route and what kind of car you need.

The Condition of The Car

After choosing the number of places and routes for about 10 hours trip, you can choose the car to be used. Several places such as cliff areas or cobbled streets certainly require certain types of vehicles such as vans, SUVs, or jeeps.

There are some basic things that you need to check before deciding to choose a private car and its driver for 10 hours trip.

  1. The exterior of the car. It looks perfect, there are no dentures after the collision, and the paint is not peeled off. Because the peeling paint indicates how old the car is or the owner can’t take good care of the car. It is a high risk for you as the tenant. Then, don’t forget to ask the provider to start the engine shortly before you sign the car charter agreement. Just to make sure the machine is in good condition.
  2. The car is adequate, clean, no mites, no damaged car seats, and have an air conditioner. You will drive all day, so you need a car that is comfortable for you and your pier.
  3. Ask how about the fuel, whether the price of Bali driver for hire offered includes the cost of gasoline or the entrance to some tour destinations or not. The average cost is around USD 40 to USD 90 per 10 hours. The price is adjusted to the route of the trip, the number of passengers in one trip, fuel, private driver, parking fees, taxes, to additional hours.
  4. The price offered is not the price per person, but the price of renting one car.
  5. The personal driver who escorts must be the one who understands the route and is fluent in Indonesian and at least English.

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The 3-4-5 Days Traveling with Bali Driver for Hire

Bali Cab Driver provides the tour packages throughout Bali for 3 or 4 or 5 days. The package is lower in price compared to the regular package to one place all day.

In your three days trip, you just pay for $155 per person. You will be escorted to Uluwatu, Kintamani-Ubud, and Tanjung Benoa. Meanwhile, your 4-day-trip with Bali driver for hire will leave for Uluwatu, Kintamani-Ubud, Bedugul-Tanah Lot, and several markets. You only pay for $145 per person.

Then, for a 5-day trip, you will go to several villages and interesting places in Kintamani-Ubud, the beaches in Uluwatu, as well as the lakes, markets, and hills in Bedugul-Tanah Lot.


North Bali is famous for temples and tours of historical pieces. Here you will be invited to see the temples that hold historical records in Buleleng, Bali. One of the most famous temples is the Banjar Buddhist Temple. This Buddhist place of worship is the largest in Bali.

It is also known as the Brahmana Arama Vihara.

How To Choose Bali Driver for Hire? 3

This temple was built in 1969 by Bante Girri Rakhito Mahatera. The temple is located on a plateau on the side of a hill, no wonder if the air around is cool, a little bit windy, peaceful, and calm. The scenery around the temple is amazing.

This peaceful place is often used as a place of meditation for people who crave peace after a time-consuming work. This temple is also a home for Buddhist monks. Visitors can study Buddhism here, too.


After having the religion trip in the temple, what if you explore the villages in Bali. One of the famous villages in Bali is Jatiluwih village.

How To Choose Bali Driver for Hire? 4

This village has green scenery, beautiful nature, and amazing terrace rice fields that look very artistic. The word ‘Jatiluwih’ comes from the words ‘Jati’ and ‘Luwiah’ which means ‘very beautiful’. The selection of the name is under beautiful facts before the eyes.

One thing that attracts visitors here is Subak. Subak is a system of rice fields irrigation used in this village. This irrigation system is very traditional and relies on the surrounding community. Inside the Subak, there is a temple to worship the Goddess of Prosperity and also the Goddess of Fertility that is believed by the Balinese people.

Besides the amazing views of the rice fields, this village also holds other natural characteristics such as rows of typical rural houses, clear flowing river water, as well as soothing temples.

The village which has 636 hectares of rice fields was designated as a World Heritage VILLAGE OF UNESCO. No wonder if every day is always a well day to visit this green village. Visitors can rent a bicycle or car to get around this village all day.

Hot Spring

After a tiring day of traveling, it will be soothing if you go into a hot bath. Not only for bathing but also to release fatigue and do therapy. This hot spring is good for your skin and organs.

How To Choose Bali Driver for Hire? 5

In Buleleng, there is a Banjar hot spring that has a very natural view and comfortable place. While soaking, you can also spoil your eyes with the view. Another hot spring you should try is Toya Bungkah hot spring in Bangli.

Banjar Hot Spring uses the natural hot spring which has been known for hundreds of years. Japanese soldiers in Bali during the colonial era used to soak in this hot spring to cleanse their bodies.

Three Banjar Hot Spring pools are laid out and equipped with jets of warm water. These pools are also surrounded by neatly arranged gardens that possible to make visitors linger a lot of time here.

The first pool is at the top. The length of it is about 12 meters with a width of 1.5 meters and a depth of 1 meter. There are eight showers here, so you and your trip fellows can be satisfied enjoy warm bathing directly from the shower.

The second pool is under the first pool. It has the depth one meter or more with 12 x 10 square meters. This pool gets a water shower flow from the first pool. Then, the third pool is separated from the first and second pools.

The height of this shallow pool is only 3 meters with three showers that provide natural body therapy. You can get a relaxing massage as warm water glides over your body.


How To Choose Bali Driver for Hire? 6

Bali tour is not complete if you have not enjoyed the sunset from where you stand. After having a natural therapy in the Banjar Hot Spring, you can go to Tanah Lot Temple. This place is famous for its amazing sunset spots.

From the afternoon, both local tourists and foreign tourists were seen here to watch the sunset. After the sunset, they will spend their evening with dinner at the local restaurant around the temple. Their Bali driver for hire then will take them back to the hotel.

So, if you need Bali experience driver for your trip or activities, please visit https://balicabdriver.com or contact us via WhatsApp +62 878 6196 8073.

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