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Bali is a friendly place for all living things. Not only humans but animals can also prosper well in Bali. Whether it is a stray dog or cat, protected animals, endangered animals, and even wild animals.

No wonder if many tourists visit all places to mingle with animals in Bali.

How to Go to Animal Encounter in Bali?

To reach those places, they called Bali Private Tour Driver provider. It is easier for tourists going to any kind of tourism object with the service from a provider like Bali Cab Driver.

Especially for those who don’t know the route at all, which public transportation to ride on, and those who worry about safety while traveling to places they have never visited before.

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Bali Butterfly Park
Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan

Bali Butterfly Park

The trip to the Bali Butterfly Park is one of the destinations in the travel package provided by Bali Cab Driver. The Bali private tour driver that you hire will pick you up from Kuta to Jatiluwih terrace rice field. The trip will take approximately 2 hours.

Next, the trip will continue to the Subak Museum where you can find out about the irrigation system and the agriculture of Bali.

From the Subak Museum, you will be escorted to the city of Tabanan where there is the Bali Butterfly Park. This park was built in 1996.

The purpose of the establishment is to preserve butterflies throughout the world and to be the educational medium for all visitors.

The park, which opens every day starting at 8 a.m, has an area of 40 hectares. You can enjoy the beauty of the park with colorful flowers and amazing butterflies fly around you.

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Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is a conservation house for several protected and endangered animals. It is also the best place to live for other animal species.

The atmosphere here feels like you are in the middle of the jungle in Africa. The animals such as rhinos, zebras, horses, meerkats, Bali Mynah, giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants, roam freely as if they were in their real wildlife.

Then, there is also a freshwater aquarium where you can see more closely how piranhas, dugong, and other fish species live during the day.

Animal show
Animal show at Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park also provides some exciting shows for tourists such as elephant show, tiger show, giraffe feeding, elephant riding, safari night and others.

You can also join animal encounters with meerkat flocks where you can feed and touch the unique meerkat.

During the animal encounter here, no need to worry about being left by the travel group because your Bali private driver will faithfully wait until you finish the visit according to the agreement at the beginning.

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